The Internet Boyfriend

This movella is about me and my internet boyfriend," Scar." i met him online through omegle, through a webcam and i started to webcam with random people until i met this very cute guy. and that's how our love story started.


2. How i met him


Neliel :

Like a normal internet user you would like to meet other people from another country and make friends with other people, but i've always have this fear of talking to other people , especially when it comes to boys. I've been talking to some boys and all of them only likes me for my looks not my personality. That is just bull shit. You just don't like a person for their looks , or popularity.  When suddenly a friend of mine sended me a linked , she said it was a website to meet other people, so i clicked it. It's called omegle , i fixed my webcam and started my first webcam appearance and comes a girl she was wearing a pink t-shirt with nyan cat on it. We talked at each other for about 5 minutes when she said she was going to bed.


I saw that you can talk to a person with the same common interest you enter. So i entered " emo " as my interest and started my chat , i'm so nervous without knowing who i'll end up talking with . Then a black screen appear then someone on the background turns on the light , it was a guy. I wanted to close the chat . But at the same time i wanted to counter my fears of talking to guys . So i took a deep breath and started chatting with him, i got to know some about him and he got to know some about me. His name is ," Scar Externity." a 17 year old guy and lives at Germany.

Scar :

I didn't expected that i'll end up talking to a cute girl, she has this rosy pink colored hair and Brown eyes, she's so gorgeous ," Her name is Neliel Valentine , a 16 year old girl from Canada." We talked for about 3 hours, and it feels like we've known each other for a year. She promised me that after she's done with school she's gonna go online and talk to me again. So i gave her my skype name and go to sleep.


I can't stop thinking about her , even in my dreams she's in there talking to me , smiling and somehow i'm happy with her. I woke up looking at the clock , it was already 8:11 am and i have to go to school at 9:30 i rolled to the bedside and stood up rushing to go to the bath room and take a shower . Even now, i'm still thinking about her , her smile, her rosy pink hair and especially her voice. I'm already done taking a shower and i looked at the clock and get on my school uniform and started rushing to the bus stop. I'm trying to catch my breath because the bus stop is very far from my house. It took me 5 minutes after i arrived the bus stop , i sat down and i'm trying to catch my breath. God dammit ..


The bus finally arrived after 3 minutes , i walked into the bus, everybody looking at me. This school is a pain in the ass they kept on bullying me . and they kept on saying that i hanged my mother up the house's chimney but it wasn't me or anyone inside the house, after 3 days of the accident my sister said that she will work at Canada and she'll keep on sending me money for my needs. All we know is some anonymous killer hanged our mother at the chimney . But on school they kept on shouting ," Murderer!!." they're trying to make me the killer. But i'll just ignore them and go straight to class. I'll just sit down and pretend i'm the only person in this class. They would throw me messages saying ," Why don't you just suicide Emo Kid?!." but with all those i experience i would just go home and talk to Nel she always finds a way to make me smile.


She understood every single pain i've been through. But tomorrow is gonna change i'll stood up to them and stood up for all of those who are just like me.


Neliel :

I'm so glad i met Scar, he's been making me happy for the past days. He knows what i'll do in a situation for example when me and my bestfriend Emily fought he said that i shouldn't talk to her for a few days and make a gift to her to tell her how sorry i am . It worked, now me and Emily never fought ever since. I'm really getting inlove with him and i'm starting to counter my fear of talking to other poeple. I'm so happy. Christmas is coming up in a few days 50 days more. Since i've been very close to Scar . I really want to give him somthing special for christmas so i asked him what he likes . He said he wanted an headphone with my picture and signature on it. I'm very shocked to know that he wants something with a picture and signature of me in it. So i wasted no time and asked some friends if they know someone that i can costumize an head phone. Luckily Emily knows someone. She gave me the address of the person and i've already planned that i would go there tomorrow, after school.


([ Days has passed and still, no contact of Neliel ])

Scar :


Is she alright? i haven't talked to her for a week now. Ughh.. i can't stop thinking about her , i should send her a message to see if she's alright, but, i've already sended 20 messages. Still.. no sign of her." Neliel.. are you okay?..." i kept on sitting next to the window and think what happened to her. When suddenly i saw her online she skyped with me and i saw her lying down in hospital clothes. " Neliel.... are you okay?" she nodded ," What happened to you? i was very nervous when you didn't went online for about a week now."  she replies with a soft voice," i was crossing down the street when suddenly i got hit by a car." Somehow my world stopped for a minute...


"Scar... don't be sad, i'm alright i just broke my arm and that's all.. please don't worry about me, i'm okay." I looked down and said," Neliel, seeing you in pain dosen't make me worry , it feels like i'm being stabbed in the back , because i'm not there to hold you , to help you recover from your pain. I'm not worried , i'm getting hurt also.." Neliel started crying... " I wish i was there to comfort you .. to stand up for you through out your bullying experiences there at Canada.. I wish i can go there and live with you, so that you won't feel lonely like you always say, your all alone and felt unwanted.. If i was there i'll comfort you to make you happy.. suddenly Neliel smiles, Scar.. I'll be okay as long as your talking to me i'll be alright.. cheer up it's almost christmas.. 43 days to go.. She smiles and i smiled back ." right.."


She said that she'll be in the hospital for about 2 weeks and she'll have to wear a cast for her arm if she went outside the hospital . I'd be always there to talk to her so that she wouldn't get bored there at the hospital, she said that Emily rarely visits her because she was busy making her project at school. I've kept a secret from Neliel , i would go to Canada at December 23 and arrive there December 25 and suprise here with a gift i've been keeping from her.. I asked her address she told me without asking me why i'm asking where she lives. I wrote it down on my notebook.


2 weeks has passed..

It's time for Neliel to get out of the hospital and go home. It's already November 27, but right now i'm in class waiting for our biology teacher named ," Mr. Fredwick." when suddenly i felt pain in my chest , i'm starting to have a problem breathing , i fell down my chair trying to breath .. i'm suffering .. then after 3 minutes of suffering i fainted.. i woke up on the hospital and Kyle's beside me," What... am i doing here?" then he replied," You fainted at class and Nurse Gina didn't know what to do so we called an ambulance and they said i should come with you and now we're in a hospital."

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