Life Behind the Lens

My view of the world in 2014. A photo a day along with a quote or words. Hopefully it may give you a flavour of my boring life. All the photo's are mine and taken on the day of the entry. If you'd like to use any of them, please ask.


32. January 31st

Breathe on me, breathe on me
Light my way, bring me back to life
Breathe on me, breathe on me
Fill me up, make me feel alive
My heart is black my soul is bleeding
Give me something to believe in
Breathe on me



Todays photo is from a scout camp near Southampton. We visited this on the way down to Guernsey. Wonderful site and looking forward to coming back in the summer. Very wet day though.

So the flight to Guernsey. The plane was really little and the wings looked impossibly small. It even had propellers. I was nervous, but not as much as I thought. We took off in the rain, wish I'd had someone's hand to hold. It was like I imagine the bomber pilots in the war experienced, very bumpy as though flak was exploding around the fuselage. Even when we were up it kept lurching around the sky. The landing was hairy, bumping down on the tarmac like Tom Daley doing a belly flop. Still I gave thanks to the skies for my safe deliverance.

The journey to the hotel was interesting. There are hardly any street lights and so we're going along and the sea was crashing over the wall hitting the car. Still we arrived safely.

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