Life Behind the Lens

My view of the world in 2014. A photo a day along with a quote or words. Hopefully it may give you a flavour of my boring life. All the photo's are mine and taken on the day of the entry. If you'd like to use any of them, please ask.


11. January 10th


  “I'll never stop caring. But the thing about caring is, it's inconvenient. Sometimes you've got to give when it makes no sense to at all. Sometimes you've got to give until it hurts.”
Jonathan Evison

January 10th

Been a funny old day. Hospital this afternoon for a CAT scan. Hopefully it's OK. Then had a wonderful skype with my friend in Malaysia.I wish she was here to talk to and help me now, but maybe later this year. I talked over my problems and listened to hers. She asked me two things which sort of helped me. 

One was did I still care what happened to the person or was I angry at her? I could only answer yes. I want her to succeed in everything she does. When you care for someone, they can hurt you as much as they want, but you can never wish them harm. I hope she achieves all her goals and is happy. I wouldn't wish her harm at all. I know that she will succeed, because she is awesome

She also asked me a more delicate question that I will no doubt mull over for the weekend. I might reveal what it was in time.

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