Heartful Cry

Jace Marshall, 17 year highschool student. He follows a normal life. Its nothing special. One day he stumbles upon the legendary Book of Shadows and summons an envoy from Planet Yamato by messing around with his new book. This envoy happens to be a girl. She is called Luto Mikazuki, wielder of a mithycal blade in which dwells a lighting god. Jace has to help Luto with whatever she will have to do, for he summoned her. What hardships wil he have to encounter? What will he have to go trough? What or who is this woman? Let's find out.


8. Summon



Jace opened the book and flipped to a random page. The page's number was written in the down right corner of the page. ''97''. Right after seeing the page's number, he broke out of the aura that was upon him. Just when he snapped out of it, he realised that the page he was now at was ''1''. Jace was not terrified or confused anymore.... Just...curious. He then slowly started flipping trough the pages. The sensation gave him an unwell feeling..

Jace: Is this......Skin!?

He was right. The pages were made of human skin. Real human skin. He was disgusted by that....He backed off suddenly then went to his drawer to pick some plastic gloves, like that would do anything about it. Well, at least he wouldnt feel everything. He kept turning the pages, one by one, with an almost slow-motion speed. He was just... amazed. He felt more and more knowledge going straight in his brain just by flipping trough the pages. All of the pages were about some sort of black magic or something. He flipped every single page from 1 and he finally reached page 97 once again. This page had some information about some summoning ritual. He was just amazed. Ritual? Summons?

Jace: This.... Must be a joke, right? This book is just fake.... It can't be real...

Although he was absolutely sure this must be some sort of sick joke, he was way too curious. In the book, page 97, it read:

''Planet Yamato: A planet from ****e********f*** enovys can be sum*oned. A planet that was long ago abandoned. A planet that do** ******* exist. It only exists in this book. Sum****** something can be ver* ********* fo* the user, as the summon may ta** the user's ***e."

Some of the letters were either just unreadable or covered with some sort of black liquid. Jace thought alot of things upon reading this. Can he really actually summon something? What will happen if he does so?! Will the monster kill him? But then he thought of something completly different.

Jace: What if the summon....Obeys me?


Right when that idea came in his head, he hesitated no longer. The ritual was just needing some words to be spoken and no preparation or whatever were required. He read the words out loud from the book.

Jace: Ehizaw Artanka Uzume Suhira Arcanta Frostia Eoma!

Silence. That was all it was for a little while. When then suddenly, a strong earthquake has started. Then followed by the sudden change of weather. It was now raining very hard. There was a lighting storm outside. And then, a thunder stroke his house. The electricity instantly made the TV and the other appliances close and go crazy. He just realised. His house was on fire. Smoke was comming from everywhere. Suddenly, the TV literally exploded behind him and he was knocked down. The only thing he remembers is what he saw in his last seconds before he went unconscious: A tall, strangely clothed figure. It also seemed to have some sort of blade with it. It was wierd...So wierd.


Jace wakes up. Looks around, he seems to be in his bed. And then suddenly.


???: Oh, you're awake. Finally.

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