Heartful Cry

Jace Marshall, 17 year highschool student. He follows a normal life. Its nothing special. One day he stumbles upon the legendary Book of Shadows and summons an envoy from Planet Yamato by messing around with his new book. This envoy happens to be a girl. She is called Luto Mikazuki, wielder of a mithycal blade in which dwells a lighting god. Jace has to help Luto with whatever she will have to do, for he summoned her. What hardships wil he have to encounter? What will he have to go trough? What or who is this woman? Let's find out.


10. Requirement

''As the bells toll, we cover ourselves with blood.''


Jace...I-I see..... So what happens now?

Luto: Now? Hum.... I guess I'll start by living with you in this house. Looks cozy.

Jace: Ah alrig-- Wait WHAT?!

Jace wasn't even confused anymore. He just went along with the idea.

Jace:.... Ugh, fine. You can stay.

Luto: I wasn't going to need your approval anyways. Since you weren't going to make me sleep outside or anything anyways.

Jace: Psh... Alright, just don't be like that and you can stay.

Luto smiles and says:

Luto: Deal.

Jace then lets out a sigh. He turns around and looks as his bed. The Book Of Shadows is there, lying on it.

Luto: What's with the long look? Something bothering you?

Jace:... That book. What exactly is it?

Luto: The Book of Shadows is a forgotten book. It was originally discovered in a long abandoned school from another dimension. It was called Tenjin Elementary School, AKA Heavenly Host Elementary School. This school building was a place chosen for a girl named Shinozaki Sachiko to show her wrath and rage only for opposing and murdering other innocent people that did nothing. It however it's said that this school might still exist. If it does, then there is where our first mission begins.

Jace: Mission? What?!

Jace did not think for a second that Luto would actually ask for his help with something like a ''mission''. But he did not hesitated and just asked:

Jace: What is the mission about?

Luto: It's about returning the book. To Heavenly Host.

Jace:.... Seems like a fair thing. I dont want to be anywhere near that thing anyways.

Luto: Thing is.... Heavenly Host is not to be found in the real and material world. It's in a cursed dimension which is divided by many different nexi.

Jace: Nexi? Like, that place is... Somehow...

Luto: Basically, she interrupts, we can't meet each other even if we are in the same room, if we aren't in the same nexus.

Jace: I see... Leaving the details aside. How do we get there?

Luto: We shall use a charm. It is called ''Sachiko Ever After''.

Jace: I heard of that! Isn't that like a good luck charm?

Luto: It is. If it's completed correctly. If the charm fails, we will be sent to Tenjin.

Jace: Makes sense.... Well, let's go!

Luto: No, we can't. Not now. My power hasn't completely restored from the summoning. Plus, we aren't ready at all. You do not know how dangerous it is in there. We can die any second.

Jace: I see....So how long will it take for you to get your powers back?

Luto: About..... 2 months or so.

Jace: Wow, really? So we're just going to have to wait to get rid of this book?

Luto: I wouldn't consider it a total garbage. It can do more than just summon. It can even revive people.

In an instant, Jace thought of it more deeply. He could revive his mother with this...His mother, she died 2 years ago... taken away by sickness. Couldn't end worse for her... Yet, would it be fine if he just revived her..? That was instantly answered by Luto.

Luto: Though... I don't find reanimation a right think to do... For humans, at least. it's not normal.

Jace:.... What the hell are you talking about?! With this book... We can do anything!

Luto: That's exactly what you don't have to fall for, Jace! she then slapped Jace.

He looks down and asks:

Jace: Why.... WHY NOT?!

Luto: Because a human must not become God. It is not right. Many people have gone insane because of this!

 Jace then finally understood and resumed to his senses once again.

Jace: I... I see what you mean. Sorry about that.

Luto: Don't... Don't worry. It's alright.

Jace: Now... We just have to wait, right?

Luto: That's very much right.

Jace: So... Now what?

Luto: Dunno. she says as she rolls her eyes and grabs the book.

Luto: Go do something, I guess. Don't you have any stuff to do as a teenager?

Jace:.... Aya. I could go to Aya.

Luto: Huh? Who is that.

Jace: Just my childhood friend.... he says and blushes

Luto: What are you blushing for?

Jace: N-Nothing. Anyways I'll go visit her. I told her I was busy today, but seems like I can go to her anyways.

Luto: Oh okay.. Let's go.

Jace:.... Ehm, you comming with me?

Luto: Why of course! I'm your protector after all!

Jace: Hell... Alright. But... Don't you have any change clothes? You'll look like you're doing like you're doing cosplay if you walk with this on streets.

Luto: Uhm... You're right. I'll change right away.

Jace:Uh, sure. I'll wait here.

Luto however takes her time. Jace just keeps asking himself where the hell will she get the clothes from, as she didn't have any change or anything. But his questions were answered right away.

Luto comes out in his mother's old school uniform. It's the same that Jace wears when he goes to school.... Just... It's the feminine version.

Luto: Hehe. What do you think? she then does a spin and laughs quietly.

Jace: ... I was going to ask you if you even have clothes to wear, but seems like it's fine. Let's go now.

Luto: Alright, let's.

And so, the two head to Aya's house.



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