Heartful Cry

Jace Marshall, 17 year highschool student. He follows a normal life. Its nothing special. One day he stumbles upon the legendary Book of Shadows and summons an envoy from Planet Yamato by messing around with his new book. This envoy happens to be a girl. She is called Luto Mikazuki, wielder of a mithycal blade in which dwells a lighting god. Jace has to help Luto with whatever she will have to do, for he summoned her. What hardships wil he have to encounter? What will he have to go trough? What or who is this woman? Let's find out.


3. Morning

''Ughh...." growls Jace as he wakes up. It's pretty early, but he has a limited time until school starts, so he should hurry. As he gets off his bed he sees that it's raining outside. And it's a pretty heavy rain. Sadly, his umbrella broke two days ago, so he will have to call someone to pick him up from home before he leaves. He heads in the kitchen to make himself some breakfast. Grabbing the milk from the fridge and his cereals from the drawer he noticed that something seems off today, he had no idea what was wrong though. Jace just ignored it for a while and he thought it might just be the bad weather or something, he imagined while pouring his milk and cereals in the bowl. He grabs his bowl and goes in the living room to watch some TV while he eats his breakfast. The news seem to be the same thing over and over again. Murders, explosions, tragedies, he's had enough of watching all that every day. Quiet as always, he doesen't complain about it though and just watches it. That strange feeling is taking effect on him again. Confused yet curious, he just doesn't know what it is. He glances quickly for a half second at the clock then quickly glances again just to find out that he will be late, and he didn't even called anyone to get him yet. Just as he finishes his breakfast, he runs in his room and puts his uniform on, then he grabs the cellphone. He then calls his childhood friend, Aya.

Jace: Uhm... Hello?

Aya: Oh, hey Jace, what's up?

Jace: Ehm, you see, I have no umbrella and it's pouring pretty hard outside, do you mind if you come and pick me up or something?

Aya: Sure, I'll be there in 5.

Jace: Perfect. Thank ya.

Aya: Bye bye~

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