Heartful Cry

Jace Marshall, 17 year highschool student. He follows a normal life. Its nothing special. One day he stumbles upon the legendary Book of Shadows and summons an envoy from Planet Yamato by messing around with his new book. This envoy happens to be a girl. She is called Luto Mikazuki, wielder of a mithycal blade in which dwells a lighting god. Jace has to help Luto with whatever she will have to do, for he summoned her. What hardships wil he have to encounter? What will he have to go trough? What or who is this woman? Let's find out.


6. Heat

Aya: So~ is there any girl you like?? Aya asks suddenly

Jace: W-W-What!? N-No.. Not really..... But how is that your concern?!

Aya: Hey, that's mean. I'm your childhood friend, so I should have the right to know. as soon as she ends that sentence, she winks, making Jace to quiet down for some seconds

Jace: Yeah, I guess. Sorry.

Aya: Don't mention it~. Hehe.


Out of nowhere Jace's classmate, Aaron pops out of nowhere and asks:

Aaron: Hahah, what's up you love birds?

Jace: H-Hey, it's nothing like that, dude. And geez, don't scare us like that

Aya: Meh, Aaron what are you doing h--


The fire alarm suddenly sounds. As the three hear it, they panic a little but then calm down again, because they remember the fire-escpae procedures.

Jace: What the hell is this?

Just as Jace finishes the sentence, an explosion takes place at the entrance of the school. Everyone in the school can be heard screaming and running around. Another explosion occures, this time on the second floor. The roof is the 3rd floor, so the ground is shaking pretty hard.

Aaron looses ballance and falls down.

Jace: Aaron! Are you alright? Let me help you.

Aaron: I-I'm fine.... Let's get out of here.

Aya: Guys... We need to hurry... The floor is going to collapse!!

The three of them then rush to the stairs, which seem to be still intact, somehow. They run off and get quickly to the first floor. The entrance is covered up by flames though. Jace quickly thinks and grabs the umbrella from his shoe locker.

Jace: We're gonna need another way out.

Aya: Look! Over there!

Aya points at some fairly large window. Jace heads there and smashes it with the umbrella. Then the three of them get out of the school. Shortly after that, the firefighters arrive, extinguishing the fire. Every student of the school seems to be fine, they were all outside, seems like they got out before the front entrance explosion. One of the students in Jace's class approach him quickly and yells:

Student: JACE!! My brother David is still in the classroom!!!

Jace: WHAT?! He hasn't gotten out yet?!

Student: Oh my god... Someone help him!!

Upon hearing that, Jace quickly runs back in the school, crawling trough the broken window again. He can hear Aya screaming at him not to go, but it's too late. He's already in.

Jace hurries back in the classroom, the smoke has gotten very serious, almost suffocating, but stil supportable. Jace enters the classroom and he sees David facing the corner of the classroom.

Jace: DAVID! What the hell are you still doing here?! Get out! Now!

David silently pulls out some knife out of his pocket and says:

David: Get out.....

Jace: Huh?! Dude are you craz--


As David said that, he charges at Jace, but gets crushed by a burning structure beam and dies instantly. In his hand it's his bloody knife, and in the other he has some brown book.

Jace grabs the book, thinking it might be important, but just as he touches it, he feels a dark aura around him, making him back off.

Jace: What in the hell was that....

Another structure beam falls next to him. No more time, this building won't hold too much. He needs to get out of there. He grabs the book, ignoring the dark aura that comes out of it while he touches it. He runs down the stairs, but just as he is about to go down the first floor's stairs, they collapse. Out of options, he just jumps down. He hurt his anckle in the fall a little, but he can still run. He crawls out of the school trough the window and hurries back to the survivor group. Just as he comes near the group, Aya pops out of nowhere and hugs him tightly

Aya: You idiot..... IDIOT!! YOU COULD HAVE DIED!

Jace: .... Don't worry....I'm alright.


Jace couldn't possibly tell her that her brother tried to kill him with a knife, so he had to lie.

Jace: I'm sorry.....I was there too late.

The female student then growls into rage and sadness, then she runs off. Jace and Aya felt quite bad for her.

Aaron comes near them and ask if they are allright and all that. After that, nothing much left to be done. Everyone heads home, as the firefighters attemp to save whatever they can.

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