Heartful Cry

Jace Marshall, 17 year highschool student. He follows a normal life. Its nothing special. One day he stumbles upon the legendary Book of Shadows and summons an envoy from Planet Yamato by messing around with his new book. This envoy happens to be a girl. She is called Luto Mikazuki, wielder of a mithycal blade in which dwells a lighting god. Jace has to help Luto with whatever she will have to do, for he summoned her. What hardships wil he have to encounter? What will he have to go trough? What or who is this woman? Let's find out.


15. Guardian

''Please... Just retreat."


Jace has returned home after he has walked Aya home. He tries to unlock the door, however it seems that it's already open. He just enters, a little panicked.

Jace: Maybe I left it open when I left...?

Some moments of silence, and then:

Luto: Nope. I just found the other key on the table and got it before we left for the mountain.

Jace: Oh, Luto, you're back already?

Luto: Yeah. I got what I had to solved.

Jace: What was it you had to get solved?

Luto: A match actually.

Jace: ... Match? What's that supposed to mean? he asks, confused.

Luto: A fighting match, of course. For a certain prize...

Jace: Oh... Fighting, huh, between who?

Luto: You and someone else.

Jace was remained speechless for some seconds. Did she got him into trouble or something?


Jace: A-Are you serious? What are you going to do, put me on a boxing match and you'll bet on me or something?

Luto: Something like that. You'll have to fight a pretty tough enemy. However, the prize is absolutely necessary in order to get your power.

Jace:... Uh, how so?

Luto: The prize is called ''Fudara Cosmos". It's an enchanted talisman that will grant you willpower. I belive we will need that in order to awaken your power.

Jace:... Can't you like.. Fight instead of me? I think we'll have more chances to win that way.

Luto: You think so? she sighs.

Jace: I guess...?

Luto: No can do. You'll need to fight for it, as it's your power we're talking about.

Jace: Yeah I know, but you're my guardian, right? Like.. You will just throw me out there in a battle?

Luto: Don't think about the battle right now, and let me explain something.

Jace: Go ahead.

Luto clears her throat and closes eyes for a second, then reopens them and says:

Luto: Once we get the Talisman, we must use the Book Of Shadows to activate it. However, if the ritual fails, we will need to fight the Fudara Guardian. He's a very powerful guardian, so we must say failure is not an option. Or we might not have much chances against the guardian.

Jace: I see.... So when is this fight starting?

Luto: Tomorrow. Get some rest for tonight and prepare for a one versus one match. It might not be easy, but you'll handle it.

Jace: I hope so. Well, I'm going to bed. 'Night.

Luto: Goodnight.

Jace headed for his room and Luto headed in the living room. He sighs and looks at his clock. 11:24 PM. He needs some rest, he thought to himself so he changed and then slowly lays on his bed.

Jace: Well, time to hit the sack, I guess...

He closes his eyes easily, almost in slow-motion and after 5 minutes he is asleep. Time passes quickly and before he knows it, it's 9 in the morning. With his eyes closed, he rubs his head, and wants to get off the bed but feels something next to him. He slowly opens his eyes to see Luto lying in his bed, next to him, watching him.

Luto: Humm. G'morning.

Jace jumps out of his bed.

Jace: What the hell Luto!? Have you been sleeping with me this whole time?

Luto: Oh, she giggles, calm down, Jace. I was just cold in the living room so I got in here. You don't mind do you?

Jace: O-Of course I mind! It's not normal for us to do that!

Luto: What? Sleep in the same bed?

Jace: Well hell yes.

Luto: I see. Well, sorry. I was just cold.

Jace: Alright... I understand.

Luto: Oh well, get dressed, we're going to that match right now.

Jace: Yeah yeah.. On it.

Jace gets brushes his teeth and takes a quick shower and gets ready to go in just 10 minutes.

Luto looks at him amazed.

Luto: You sure are fast.

Jace: I've been practicing speed like that... For I'm like always late for school.

Luto: Oh I see. Well then, let's go.

After a hour of walking they find themselves in front of an abandoned subway.

Luto: This way. Follow me.

Jace:... Uhm, alright?

Luto reaches the end of the stairs and opens some kind of portal.

She looks at him and tells him to follow her. When they have passed the portal, it seems they have passed in a different dimension. Looks like they were in some sort of.... Wierd bar.

Jace: Wow.. Luto? What is this?!

Luto: Welcome to the Yamato System. We're at a famous ''drink-and-bet'' bar. It's a bar that has legal fights for prizes. I've signed you up for Fudara Cosmos prize. Let's get to the barman.

They both head for the center of the room, where there seems to be multiple human-like creatures that are drinking some sort of alcohol... Probably alcohol anyways.

Luto: Boss, this is the one I've told you about.

The barman is certainly not human. He has an alien-like form, yet it isn't very disturbing. He then smiles and nods.

Luto: Alright, follow me. You're next in the ring.

Luto leads Jace to some cage-like area with a small door. He enters the cage but then the door disappears. He desperately looks for a way out and looks at Luto.

Luto: Make me proud! she says and giggles, then backs off and sits on a couch, watching the cage.

In the other side of the cage, a man appears. He seems to have wierd scars on his body and he is wielding a blade that looks like a butcher knife. There is a set of weapons next to Jace. The set had a relatively large knife, a sword and a spear.

He grabs the spear and tries to throw it at the opponent. However, it was too heavy for him and he ended up dropping it. Without any hesitation he also grabs the knife and throws it at him. The opponent just stands there and moves his head slightly, just to dodge.

??? : Not such a bad aim you've got there, kid. says the opponent.

With no other option, he grabs the sword and points it at his enemy.

Announcer: Well then, now that everyone's here. Let us begin this match! In the right corner we have Jace Marshall, a human! And in the left corner we have... The great beastman, the agile and powerful... Viral!!



Battle theme for Viral versus Jace 

You can just ignore this if you're not on PC or if you don't like the music. It is absolutely OPTIONAL.





Announcer: Let the game BEGIN!

As soon as he said that, Viral charges towards Jace to swing his knife. Jace blocks his attack with the sword, but he shortly finds out that blocks won't work. He will have to dodge his attacks, as he is way too powerful for him to handle. Viral attacks once again, but Jace, with the agility that he had, dodged the attack completely and kicked viral with his knee in the stomach, he quickly backs off however. Jace raises his sword and swings it at Viral multiple times, however, the result is futile. Every attack is blocked by his knife, however, at one point, Viral counter attacks Jace and cuts him a little bit on the right shoulder area.

Not discouraged, Jace continues to dodge and attack Viral, but finally, he sees that normal physical attacks won't work, but he couldn't help it, as he had no magic to use or anything at all. Viral's speed suddenly increases, implying that he might have had enough of fooling around. Jace barely dodges and blocks his attacks, but in the end, Viral slashes his sword with full force, making Jace's sword fly away. Jace backs away from his opponent and is willing to grab the knife on the ground, the one he threw at him earlier, but Viral throws his own knife at it, making it fly away as well, and then Viral's butcher knife returns in his hand, like a boomerang. Jace falls to his knees, weakened, but he doesen't give up and stands right up. Viral smirks and slashes at Jace's head, however, Jace dodges and grabs Viral's hand. Jace punches Viral's head with the free hand, making him drop the butcher knife and picks it up. Before Viral could come to his senses again, Jace stabs Viral in the chest.

Soon enough, the bell rings, and the announcer says:

Announcer: And we have a winner! It is Jace Marshall!

Luto: Wooho!! Great job Jace!!!

Jace: Hehe..... he tries to laugh while he pants.

Announcer: Here's your prize, Mr. Marshall. he says and hands him the Fudara Cosmos Talisman.

Luto: You got it. Finally. Now let's get home.

Jace: Yes please....

The two of them go again, trough the portal and return to Earth. Then they go straight home. Luto grabs the Book of Shadows, which was sitting on a shelf and grabs the Talisman as well.

Luto: Alright now... I'll cast the spell.

Jace: Wait... If you fail we will--

Luto: Failure is not an option. Now shut it.


Luto lights some candles and grabs her sword. She draws it and points it at the book. The book automatically opens to a certain page, ''42''.

She casts the spell by saying some magical words.

Luto: Mevos, Eratos, Kururu, Armeus, KANTA!

A bright light is emitted, followed suddenly by a growl. Has she failed the spell?

Jace: Dammit Luto what was that?!

Luto: Oh my God, I'm so sorry.... But... Watch out... Here it comes. We'll have to fight it.. I'm sorry.

Jace: The guardian?!?

Luto: Yes... The guardian.... Lios.



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