You Think You Know Me?


2. Last Day Of Year 12

My palms begun to sweat as I walked through the crowded hallway, people made it thier job to surrender to their lockers when they saw me, no one wanted to be so much as 7 feet close to me they were scared they'd catch ''Fatty Syndrome" or "Geek Salmonella". As I walked all judging eyes were on me, laughter was held in there eyes, along with judgement and those with a heart, pity. I hated being the girl that people pitied people made fun of, I had done nothing to no one.  As I walked my old second hand school shoes squeaked below me on the crystal white, marble floor. 

My eyes darted everywhere in pure and utter frightfulness. I had a reason to be for 4 people in exact, my heart raced as I made my way to my locker. Everyone had gone back to what they where previously doing and simply discarded me as rubbish, I reached my destination and as so I gave out a thankful sigh...But I have to learn not to judge to quick...

"Hey, big cow how's it going?" That taunting voice echoed through my ears, drilling into my brain. My eyes closed in an attempt to stop the weak tears wanting to be let loose, I was trying so hard not to cry today since it's the last everyone wanted to be extra extra extra nice towards me. "You think I was going to let you leave without a goodbye?" 


"Goodbye" I stated simply closing my locker door that I had opened to retrieve all my belongings and then I was to skedaddle without any unwanted attention. Zayn smirked, and leaned against my neighbouring locker his arms firmly crossed on his chest, his never leaving smirk made me want to simply hide myself in places unknown. 

"Oh, c'mon big girl I'm just playing around. No need to be all up tight and shit." He snickered, I inhaled and exhaled trying to keep my cool, because I know this 'goodbye' crap, isn't just simply a 'goodbye' and honestly that thoughts, scary. I strapped my bag onto my back, I gave a simple nod to Zayn and turned hoping to make a runner for the school exit doors. But I was met with the chest of non other than Louis Tomlinson. 

"Shit" I cursed, stepping back into Zayn, I flinched away causing him to laugh. "I just wanna go home" 

"Awww, Zayn do you hear that, she just want's to go home." Louis begins to mock me, pretending to cry and wail, and the teachers think he's a great actor. I think he's a pain in the ass. Zayn laughs at Louis incredible stupidness, I guess those with a smaller brain, are easier to entertain. All of a sudden out of no where, Zayn stops laughing, Louis stops goofing and they stare at me wide eyed. "What the fuck did you just say?"

"Smaller brains are easier to entertain! Bitch, fuck you!" Zayn hisses shoving me in the shoulder, my own eyes begin to widen. I said that out loud? Oh, I am in deep shit now, there going to make me dig up my own grave! And then carve my name in it! And then force me to ring my Mum and tell her I love her! Then shot me!




"Oi, Liam come over here!" Zayn shouts, oh no, please no, FUCK NO! Okay I'm fine with being shot, anything is better than being face to face with...him....You may think I am over dramatizing this situation but in all honesty I think I'm under dramatizing this whole thing. If you knew, if you were  in my spot you'd understand why. Liam jogged over to us, once he spotted myself, a malicious smile sprung to his lips, causing my stomach to twist in a sickening way. Long ago I would of welcomed him happily, now I want to slap that smile straight off his face. Bastard. 

"What's up, bro?" Liam smiled at me, -knowing full well I would be pissed off at this-, but answering Zayn. 

"Smaller brains, are easier to entertain. According to little Miss Know-It-All over here." Zayn told Liam, Liam looked between me and Zayn. His chocolate eyes, I once found so alluring now I find them disgusting to the core. 

"Reina...Reina...Reina, shouldn't talk about yourself like that, I am sure you are smarter than that---Or well I hope" Liam taunted me by patting my head adding to his insult. 

"Shouldn't hope for such big things" Louis added "Especially for a slut like this"

"You know what I don't like to argue with idiots because they'll drag my down to their level then beat me with their experience" I shouted at Louis, a cracking of a sound made my head snap to the side as Louis punched me straight in the face. Hands gripped my neck, as Louis forced me to look at him. 

"Listen, up whore. Never ever insult me like that again." He hissed, he threw my body up against my locker. His hands tightly adjusted onto my throat, I NEED THAT SHIT TO BREATH! I clawed at his hands, I felt all the blood that was once held color to my face drain as Louis grip tightened. 

"Louis, stop" Zayn pressed onto Louis' shoulder but with his free hand he pushed Zayn away, his eyes then averted back to me. Spots begun to interfere with my vision. "Louis! She's going to fucking die!" 

The hallway was deadly quiet that's when I realized we were the only people in the building left to leave, I tried hard to inhale air but Louis closed my throat entirely with his one hand. Liam stood by watching, not doing a thing. I could tell he wanted to but he couldn't bring himself to it. 

"FUCKING HELL LOUIS!" Zayn gave Louis one big shove sending him to the ground, his grip around my throat disappeared, my feet felt like jelly causing me to drop to the floor, spluttering and coughing, I held my neck reminding myself, inhale, exhale, inhale exhale. "You could've killed her" 

"And?" Louis replied cooly adjusting his bag onto his back. I lay on the ground blinking rapidly trying to get my vision back intact "See you next year, whore" A kick in the head sends my head flying out towards a locker, I close my eyes at the immense  pain traveling through my body, my body felt numb, and my head felt as though it had been set on fire and was now slowly burning. I coughed and a whole splutter of blood covered the lockers and the floor. 

Believe it or not, they've done worse to me. I have cigarette burns down my legs that are slowly healing, but there is one wound that will never heal, it is placed on my back on the top left corner. I had been stabbed in the back by Zayn and Liam lit a lighter and held it against my wound. Now there's a hole in my back, and if I so much as touch it, it would feel like a million daggers had been sent straight through it. 

I got onto all fours and with the help of some lockers, I manage to stand on my own feet. 

I keep letting them do this to me everyday, over, and, over again. If no one is going to stand up for me who else will? I think it's about time to change, stop these idiot's from thinking they can control everything, I will show them. 


I will. 


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