You Think You Know Me?



I am going to have a makeover. 




I've decided to give that stupid posse a little medicine of there own, I'm going to become a bad ass. Okay, here's the plan. 




Martial Arts











By the end of this winter, I'll have rock hard abs I betcha!, all I have to do is stay committed and positive and equal out my diet. The night I came home, my head was bleeding, as well as my mouth it wasn't a pretty sight, but I give a pat on the right shoulder for me avoiding my mum and quickly aiding myself, last thing I need is a hysterical mother. I place the ice pack onto the my beside table and set my alarm clock for 6:15, if I want to get work done I have to get it done quick. 


~Time Skip, 2 Months~


I feel fresh and free, the other day I looked in the mirror and proudly smiled at myself for actually achieving something I can use to my advantage -not in that way PERV- I weighed 67 when I started going to the gym, now each time I go the number keeps dropping and I am seriously so proud of myself. I lift my head high now as I walk through the streets, I no longer have to borrow my mothers clothes. In fact, I have cleaned out my whole closet and swapped my jeans for size 10's [I am from NZ so size 10 is actually quite small (: ]. I slip on my gym tights and sweater. I race down the hall with my gym bag with my Karate uniform inside, protein bars, and my bottle of water. 

I walked in the kitchen and met with the lovely smelling aroma of, bacon and eggs with hash browns and coco. My little brother who has been recently born was in his protective chair, with tomato smeared all over his mouth, and bits of bacon were planted on his forehead. He is yet to know where his mouth is. I smiled and set my bag down and grabbed a chair and scooted it over to his high hair, Mum is in over the bench cleaning up her cooking supplies, Dad must have left in the morning, either way he's hardly at home so makes no difference anyway. My food was passed to me by my mother, who looked like shit as she probably has just come from night shift and then now she has to take care of her 7 month old son. 

I grabbed a napkin from the tissue box we always keep on the counter and sit on my chair pulling it closer to my baby brothers high chair, I dabbed it on my tongue before I lifted his chin and begun to rub off all the mess on his face, he wailed and tried to pull away but I caught his chin once again and completely cleaned his face. He looked at me as if I had just slapped him. 

"What? You want a dirty face, not very hygienic bro. " I told him, he just scrunched up his nose and grabbed a bit of his egg and smacked it into his nose, "You almost got your mouth, almost but I think you deserve a Grammy Award for greatest egg to the face. " He smiled his toothless smile and gave a little giggle, I got up and grabbed some more tissue and wiped off the egg, I grabbed his plate and spoon and scooped up a bit of egg. 

"I'm not giving you that 'Here comes the train', nonsense. Instead. Open your mouth for the Mustang Shelby GT500" I smiled, he immediately opened his mouth and begun to slowly chomp on the eggs, giggling gleefully. If your wondering, how I got the whole Mustang thing straight off my head,well Guess what I got for Christmas. I flipped out and started jumping around, it felt like the happiest day of my life.

"Okay, Mum I'm going to the gym. I'll come back at 4:00" I inform my mother, she nods simply and brings Zach his bottle, I quickly kissed my mothers cheek, followed by Zach, who pushed my face away. Well, fine then whatever. I crab my hoddie and place it on, I snatched my banana bag and my keys. 

Walking out the door, a cold breeze brushed against my face. I grabbed my hood and tossed it over my head, hoping it would protect me from the wind. I walked over to my car and gently placed all my belongings in the back seat. I sat myself into the drivers seat and slid the key in, starting the ignition I switched the gear to drive and made my way to the gym. 

It's been a crazy two months, I still remember the first time I went over to the gym. Everybody was looking at me as if they thought I had lost my way. The only person that was nice to me was a girl called Lola, she helped me get to everything and we take Karate and Zumba together, she's a really good laugh. She had just moved here in November when school had ended, but she recently told me she will be attending her last years of High School in Forester, which is convenient because now I actually have a friend. 

Being fat and bullied didn't get you much especially in that department, but look at me now. I'm thinner, curvier, and healthier. 

I pull into the gym parking lock and grab out my bag. The gym I go to runs 24/7  so I can come here whenever I need to, It's also relatively new, sometimes if an nightmare occurs I always take my anger out on an punching bag, the owner; Phil helped me with my anger, he never asked why I got so angry that I almost ripped open his bag, instead he helped me how to not only suppress my anger  but to conquer it. Phil and Lola are both related, father and daughter. I sometimes find myself envying there relationship with each other, because I never had my father around much and I didn't have a father figure either. I can't help but feel hate towards my father because he was never there for his little girl every time she came home crying or hurt. 

"Hey, Phil" I smiled at the tall man in front of me. I set my bag down on the bench and grabbed out my water bottle. 

"Oh, Reina glad I caught you on time. Lola has been looking for you" Phil informs me, searching around for his daughter. I spot Lola first by the dumbbells and her Dad bellows her name. Lola finishes off talking to a blonde haired boy and begins to walk forwards to us, she spots me and walks faster. 

"Daddy, you found her for me, 'Tanks!'' Lola hurries herself and grabs my elbow and quickly walks back over to the dumbbell. 

"Woah, whoa, calm down. " I say to an over excited Lola who is looking at me with keen adorable eyes and a smile that reached ear to ear.

"I met a boy" She squeals excitedly, I roll my eyes dramatically and stare at her in a "And you think I care, why?" look. Don't get me wrong I'm straight and all but some times when girls get really excited over no so important things, it kind of pisses me. But I can't tell her that, to her face. 

"Where did you meet him?" I asked faking to be equally as excited. 

"Uh...At a club" She shyly admits, I stare at her wide eyed. If you knew Lola you would know that she is not the kind of girl that likes going to clubs, or parties. Probably why she bought me over here away from her Dad. "He is SO hot though, Reina I swear his cheek bones are, urgh!"

"Okay, okay keep your panties on. Did you get his name or did you just adore him from a far like the stalker you are" I smiled, she nudged me playfully and laughed. 

"Yes, I did talk to me. Well he talked to me....and....and....." She didn't finish her sentence because she drifted into dream land thinking about this 'boy' of hers. I once again rolled my eyes and snapped my fingers in front of her face. 

"Lola...Bro..Lolaaaaa" I chanted, she snapped out of it and giggled embarrassed.

"Oh, yeah sorry his name....his name was...." 

"Don't tell me you forgot" I laughed.

"No, I was getting to it.....It was Zayn, Zayn Malik"


Zayn Fucking Malik 







Thanks for reading, sorry the slow update (: with Christmas and New years coming up I havent gotten much time BUUUUTTT enough of this whining, I hoped you enjoyed ths chapter GOTTA BOUNCE!!!!


I'ma swag fag bro, come at me :D

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