The Bitch Inside (Zayn Malik Fan Fic)

Ronnie that is me and I am the baddest bitch in school. Manly because I have done every bad thing you can dream or think of. Including everyone except this one kid and his stupid little group. Oh and how I hate him. Although we have many similarities and in a way he kind of is the guy version of me. But I honestly hate him ever since middle school. Now I have stumbled on to a huge problem. We both got assigned to do the huge science project together and not only is it a shit load of work to do but also add stress with him around, also my ex is back in town.
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1. Meet the Cast


Zayn Malik as himself-

Nina Dobrev as Ronnie


Jade Thirlwall as Kate (Ronnie's Best Friend)

Harry Styles as himself (Zayn's Best Friend)


The official first chapter will be up soon so i hope you guys are all excited and comment what you think the story is about.

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