The Bitch Inside (Zayn Malik Fan Fic)

Ronnie that is me and I am the baddest bitch in school. Manly because I have done every bad thing you can dream or think of. Including everyone except this one kid and his stupid little group. Oh and how I hate him. Although we have many similarities and in a way he kind of is the guy version of me. But I honestly hate him ever since middle school. Now I have stumbled on to a huge problem. We both got assigned to do the huge science project together and not only is it a shit load of work to do but also add stress with him around, also my ex is back in town.
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6. 5: The Fight

                                                        5: The Fight

Ronnie's P.O.V

           We were going to the mall in my Range Rover. We finally got there and we got out of the car. Everyone was staring at us. Everybody in our town knows who Kate and me are. Not so much Jordan yet and we didn't announce to everyone yet who was going to be in my group. We decided to go get party dresses for the welcome party tonight. We went to a couple of store and i got my perfect black skin tight dress. I also got some other clothes.  Heading back to my house btws, thank god my parents are out of town (stupid second honeymoon). We chatted about the party, all the girls from the audition will be there plus the football team and almost every popular guy in school. We finally got to my house and we got ready.

"Girls people are coming get ready to open the doors and gates" I said. Ding Dong I heard as the first couple of people came. I always get the door when the first person comes so I went to go get it. 

"Looking sexy." he said in his bradford accent.

"Might as well take a picture of me. It will last longer." I said as he stared up and down at me. He then came in and more people started coming. A hour later still before everyone was drunk I had to announce who was in our group. I lightly hit a fork on my glass and stood on the table. 

"Ok everyone the winner is and may I get a drum roll," Kate started making a drum roll and everyone went quiet. "I welcome Mia and Olivia to our group." Everyone cheers and claps while the girl move towards us.

"We award you our friendship bracelets," Kate explains.

"Hey your not accepting my sister into your stupid group excuse me." A familiar voice shouts out from the crowd.

"Well first of who is speaking and which sister?" 

"Olivia get over here!" Screams Zayn.

"Oh my god that's your brother." Kate screams seeing to be probably more pissed of than I am.

"Yea and frankily I don't want her to turn into a slut like you Ron and in fact I don't want you even talking to her."

"You arise how dare you call me the slut, you and your posse get out now!" I scream on the edge of crying. "I now pronounce Mia and Chloe as the new members of our group, thank you and I will join later." I run to the bathroom on the edge of tears Jordan follows to comfort me but Kate as always never to be god damn seen. I have my reasons to get emotional about this.

             As Jordan comforts me I tell her I am okay and to leave me alone for a while. She does so flipping out my phone I start texting. Funny though how the bitch of the school knows everything that happens.

Harry= H

Ron= R

R- I know about you

H- excuse me?

R- if you want yours and Kate's reputation safe see me tonight at 2:00 am by my house on the corner. ;) Ciao handsome

H- uhhhhhhhh i hate you and so does everyone else in school.


                            Fixing my makeup and I sneaked out the party. I left for a little walk and then looked at the time and it was like 1:55 so I figured i'd come back to my house to meet Harry. 

"Harry you listen up."

"What do you want from me?" he said with an attitude.

"If you don't want Kate's and your reputations to be ruined, then you give me information on Zayn things that I don't know not the simple stuff. Got it."


"Oh and this never happened to anyone."

"Okay, Zayn..."

(A/N)- What do you think is with Zayn? I'm sorry its short but, I'm updating the next chapter too so! -twerking_hazza 



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