Rescue Mission

Annastasia or Asia Tomlinson is a normal high school girl but when one night of clubbing for her friends birthday goes horrible wrong can her brother and his 4 best friends find her? And is there love sparking in this little circle of friends? And who exactly are these mysterious kidnappers


1. The Club

"Asia we're going to be late. If you're not out here in 30 seconds I'm going to come in there and drag you out of the house in whatever state you're in." My best friend Kate yelled at me. Today was her 18th birthday and me and her, my brother and his 4 best friends were all headed out to a club in Sydney to celebrate. She had chosen my entire outfit a skin tight long sleeved black dress with a low back. And my favorite pair of heels, adorned with superman related catchphrases and images. I'm a statement piece kind of girl.

My name is Annastasia Tomlinson but my friends call me Asia. I'm currently in year 12 in high school. I have dark brown hair that hangs down my back in waves, but tonight it’s in curls as a celebratory hair do for Kate. I have blue eyes that in my opinion are too big for my face. The rest of me is pretty average, I’m only 5”5 so Kate being 5”8 leant me some killer heels.

“I swear to God Asia, I don’t want to leave the boys out there waiting. Your brother has already texted saying he’s here. And I want to stay on his good side tonight, I’m really hoping for a birthday kiss.”

“Ok ok I’m coming. Hold your horses. Plus Louis said he won’t be here for another 15 minutes. Do I look ok for Liam?”

“Babe you don’t even have to worry about that you’re already dating the guy.” We both giggled and then took one last selfie before heading out.

We walked downstairs arm in arm to be greeted by my brother and his 4 best mates. Zayn, had his signature quiff and leather jacket on. Harry with his mop of curls and green eyes poking out. Harry was like my best friend other than Kate, there were things he knew that not even she knew. Niall was in his white supras and a white button shirt with a blue and brown sweater. Liam was in black skinny jeans and a button shirt with a black jacket. He looked fine this evening, ok so I may have a slight crush on him, he was perhaps the best looking boy I know. Oh who am I kidding I’ve been in love with him for as long as I know. And now I get to date him. It had happened about 2 months ago, we were all having a movie night and I was sitting between him and Perrie, Zayns girlfriend. I fell asleep halfway through the movie and when I woke up it was just me and Liam on the couch. I went to move myself to my bed and he grabbed my arm and pulled me back down and planted a soft kiss on my lips and asked me to be his girlfriend to which I instantly said yes. And there stood my brother Louis, In a very similar outfit to Liam, but with a ‘The Cure’ shirt on under his dark jacket. All the boys were head down in some sort of conversation or staring at their phones. Kate and I stood on the stairs for a while waiting for them to look up or make a sign of movement when none did, I coughed dramatically causing 5 heads to pop up and whip around to our direction. When Louis saw us his eyes widened and he yelled “No, no, no, no. Asia back up stairs get changed now!” I rolled my eyes and walked down and pecked a kiss on his cheek and said hi to the boys respectively. Harry smirked at me and winked, I rolled my eyes at his childish actions. When I got to Liam he just looked in my eyes and wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my cheek.

When we arrived to the club, Kate and I had to show I.D whilst the boys were whisked inside with the crowd. We met up with the boys again who had grabbed a booth, looking around I couldn’t see Liam anywhere but I didn’t worry much. Kate told me she was heading to the dance floor and I told her I’d go get us some drinks. I made my way over to the bar and ordered two Midori Vodka Lemonades, as I sat waiting for the drinks, I turned my head and saw a sight that absolutely killed me. I know we weren’t together that long but seeing Liam with that girl made me die a little inside. I paid for the drinks and headed over to Kate telling her I was heading outside for some air. She nodded at me and kept dancing while never taking her eyes off of Louis who was sitting at a booth with the other boys. I made my through the crowd to the back door which lead into an alley, I slumped down and began to cry into my hands. I don’t even know what was making me act like this. Pull yourself together Asia. As I sat there I felt two strong arms grab me and pull me into their chest. I would recognise that scent anywhere, Harry. He kept patting my head whilst I cried into his arms and he cooed to me that it was all going to be ok and don’t worry that he was here. Once I had settled down I looked up at him and he wiped the tears from my eyes and my face and told me he’d be waiting for me inside. I stood there and silently told myself off for being so foolish I wasn’t going to tell Harry what the actual problem was. I turned around again and began to wipe my eyes and check my makeup again when I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist again “Harry..” I began but then I felt a third hand on my face, I lifted my face and saw a man in all black and took a strong breath in. BIG mistake.


(Authors Note: Hey guys so this is my first fanfic would love to know what you guys think. I know there was a lot of information in that but hey. So please go easy on me. Let me know if there’s anything you hate or anything you love. Also Happy 2014 everyone!xxx)

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