They helped each other (harry styles)

what happens when you loose the one you love most? what would you do if they died right in your arms? harry stylws can answer these questions. his girlfriend carly dued in his arms one night he doesn't let anyone in cause he is scared. but what will happen when lilly knows what it fells like to loose your aoulmate and she wants ti help harry but will she help depressed harry find love or will harry help her find love again? (in this fanfic they boys aren't famous)


1. flashbacks

Harrys P.O.V.

I decided to visit carlys grave tomorrow cause it was the day she died. i went into my room and wanted to go to sleep i changed into my PJs and slid under the covers. I miss carly so much its ridiculous. i started thinking about all of our happy times i mean i am only 16 but still i was in love. i dreifted off to sleep.


'come one harry you know you want to admit that im a better singer' she laughed as she messed up my hair. 'yeah i do want to admit it but what will i get afterwards' i say 'a kiss' she yelled 'FINE you the better singer now my reward' i say she giggled and got closer to me and kissed me passionatly. she pulled away and hugged me 'i love you harry' she said 'i love you to' i say i heard a loud gun shot and carly was about to collapse to the floor but i cought her and i droped down to the floor also it started to rain and i was sobbing. 'ill call an ambulance' i said. she grabed my hand 'no harry dont...i love you forever' she didnt speack after that 'and always' i whispered. the police got there and took her body and me to the police station they intaragated me. but than relesed me. i walked past a room where they had carlys lifeless body.


i woke up screaming but than relised today monday and i had to go to school. i was gonna visit carlys grave 2 hours after class ended.

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