It's a New Year Miracle!(Harry Styles Fanfic)

Mimi has two best friend's Maddie and Stephanie they're the most popular girls in school, and they always get in trouble. They're always going to parties or out clubbing, they don't really care about school but they still go anyway just for fun. It's New Year's and all the girls were gonna go clubbing, but Maddie's "friends" is throwing a party and invited them. This party didn't seem like any other party, Stephanie had a bad feeling about party. She didn't really want to go to the party, but the girls convinced her that she had to go.


1. Intro.



Today's New Year's an my parents are out of town, not a big surprise for me. There off in Hawaii for three weeks while I stay here in London. I mean its no that bad staying here in London don't get me wrong I love London, its just I wanted to go somewhere for New Years, I'm always home. I'm also not your average teenage goody two shoes. I like it when my parents aren't around cause I don't have a curfew, I can have parties everyday, and I can do what I want.(Her parents left two days before New Year's)


Since today is New Year's my two best friends Maddie and Stephanie and I are going to Maddie's boyfriends house to celebrate. I've never been to his house so I'm excited to get wasted and most likely I'll be getting layed tonight. You see every party that Maddie, Stephanie, and I go to we all end up having sex with someone. We are like goddess at our high school we basically are the party, without us its not even a party. We are the most popular girls in school every girl wants to  be us and every guy wants to say they had the chance to fuck us. We don't usually have sex at parties unless: 1)The guy is really hot 2)We're drunk out of are mind 3)Bored or horny. If it isn't one of those reasons then they're not gettin' some.

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