World Jumping

When the chance arrives that Skulduggery could possibly get skin again what will the crime fighting duo to help eachother out and finally get Skulduggery back to his former self? No one ever said it was going to be easy though.. I dont own Skulduggery pleasant or any characters they belong to Derek Landy. Bad summary.


2. Chapter two

Chapter two


*one week earlier*


Valkyrie slowly moved her way out of her bed after a solid seven hours sleep in her house. Valkyrie felt herself automatically fall asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow because she hadn't had a chance to sleep in a whole day and she was in the comfort of her own bed next door to her parents. As much as she loved the room and comfort Skulduggery offered her it was nothing compared to her proper bed in her room back in Haggard. Valkyrie found it difficult to actually move out of the warm comfort her bed provided so she stretched across to her bedside table, reaching out to her phone which was quietly resting on the table. Valkyrie silently dreaded looking at her phone and finding out what time it was because she honestly didnt want to know, But she had to find out sooner or later and as much as she would of prefered to find out later she knew she would have to deal with Skulduggery's wit if she didnt find out now. Valkyrie grudgingly tapped the button on her phone flashed on and Valkyrie groaned at the time. 11:24 am. She also saw that she had five missed calls from Skulduggery and three voicemails to go with the seven texts she had recieved, all of which from Skulduggery. Cringing she held up the phone to her ear and started to listen to the first voicemail that was from 9:28am that morning...

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