World Jumping

When the chance arrives that Skulduggery could possibly get skin again what will the crime fighting duo to help eachother out and finally get Skulduggery back to his former self? No one ever said it was going to be easy though.. I dont own Skulduggery pleasant or any characters they belong to Derek Landy. Bad summary.


6. Chapter six

Chapter six


Valkyrie was sitting on the big red seats outside the door vacantly staring at the floor, she looked up however, when she heard the doors to the great chamber had been opened. She quickly stood up and gave a faint smile to Skulduggery which wasnt returned by a head tilt. Valkyrie could tell by his shoulders that he was agitated because they were unwavering. For a skeleton, She thought, His emotions are just as easy to read as a person with a face. She was forced to follow him out of the sanctuary because she knew better than to force him in to a conversation when he wasnt prepared for it. Skulduggery walked just as quickly out of the sanctuary as he did going into the building but at least this time the sanctuary agents knew to dodge quickly to avoid being pushed out of the way by a now angry Skulduggery. As soon as they reached the Bentley Skulduggery spun around to face Valkyrie with such speed she jumped and blushed feriously before regaining her composure and staring into the endless darkness in Skulduggerys eye sockets whilst waiting for him to start the conversation off. "Thank you Valkyrie, For everything." Skulduggery muttered before returning his attention back to the road and started to pull away when Valkyrie nodded and turned away from him and faced the passenger window looking out onto the long streets that blurred into one due to her very deep thoughts. All valkyrie could think about was Darquesse and what she will do in the future and how helping Skulduggery now could be the last time she actually gets to do good for him and give him something to rememeber her by, Being the one to give him skin, And he didnt even want her help. Valkyrie was so focussed on her thoughts that she wasnt even aware of the tears rolling down her face until she noticed the Bentley slowing down and pulling over onto the side of the road and felt the comforting leather of Skulduggerys gloved hand lightly touch her shoulder trying to pull her into his embrace. Valkyrie shook her head and tried to push him away and finally managed to meaning she could grab the handle to open the door to the Bentley, leaving the car quickly. Luckily it was getting late meaning not many drivers would be on the windy country roads so Valkyrie could walk away without the threat of getting killed which was always a relief when you were walking out of a car on a road. "Valkyrie? Valkyrie? Come back!" Skulduggery shouted after her as she continued to walk away from the car with the tears steadily flowing down her face. Valkyrie heard the beep of the Bentley reasure her that he was following her which only made her quicken her pace to avoid the detective. Valkyrie could hear the quiet pad of Skulduggerys tailored shoes and then the same leathery hand spinning her around to face him. Valkyrie tried to get out of his grip but he only pressed harder onto her shoulders, His skull clearly showing pain and confusion at her sudden actions. It always worried Skulduggery that she never opened up or showed any emotions but now that she was he couldnt help feeling helpless and despair at the fact his metaphorical heart broke at the sight of her crying, But he knew deep down he had to pull himself together for her and show her that he will always listen to her no matter what. "Valkyrie please, Whats wrong?" Skulduggery gently whispered whilst looking at her tear stained face as she once again shook her head and spun around to get away from him and he head her whisper in a croaky voice "Just leave me alone... Ok?" Skulduggery was taken back by the pain that laced her voice and watched her walk away leaving him to stand there helpless and lost....

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