World Jumping

When the chance arrives that Skulduggery could possibly get skin again what will the crime fighting duo to help eachother out and finally get Skulduggery back to his former self? No one ever said it was going to be easy though.. I dont own Skulduggery pleasant or any characters they belong to Derek Landy. Bad summary.


7. Chapter Seven

Chapter seven

Valkyrie must have been walking for hours as the sun was completly gone now and replaced by a bright moon lighting up the night sky. Valkyrie wondered if the world would look this beautiful when she was done with it and the simple thought of it made the tears come springing back to her eyes. She knew that when she did take over, she wouldnt leave anything untouched because she was Darquesse. The world breaker. Valkyrie realised that she had managed to wander into the dirty streets of Roarhaven and had wandered to the makeshift sanctuary. Valkyrie found herself wondering wether or not she should enter the sanctuary but when she saw the familiar Bentley parked outside she found herself laughing. Skulduggery could be so predictable when it came to Valkyrie, And Valkyrie knew it would only be a matter of minutes before someone saw her standing there. Three figures came running towards her, out of the sanctuary like a bullet out of a gun. Valkyrie didn't even have time to study the men before one wrapped a blanket around her, One dragged her by the arm into the warmth of the sanctuary and the other pulled her into their chest muttering words she could not understand. Valkyrie immediately recognised the familiar scent of lavender and leather, Meaning the man hugging her was in fact, Skulduggery. That meant the other two men had to be Ghastly and Ravel. Valkyrie was relieved when she was released from Skulduggery's chest and started to laugh at the concern Ravel and Ghastly showed, And the way Skulduggery held his head told her he was worried. Skulduggery stooped down to valkyries level and looked her straight in the eye. "Dont you ever do that again." Skulduggery warned Valkyrie quietly. Valkyrie's eyes widened and she nodded, smiling at Skulduggery as she was once again brought into a strong embrace by him...


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