World Jumping

When the chance arrives that Skulduggery could possibly get skin again what will the crime fighting duo to help eachother out and finally get Skulduggery back to his former self? No one ever said it was going to be easy though.. I dont own Skulduggery pleasant or any characters they belong to Derek Landy. Bad summary.


5. Chapter five

Chapter five


Skulduggery was very quick at walking when he wanted to be, Valkyrie thought whilst she tried to no avail to catch up to the speeding detective as he raced into the sanctuary pushing everyone out of the way until he came into the great chamber sighing when Valkyrie was not behind him. Valkyrie came a moment later looking stern and Skulduggery glanced at her before proceeding to move to sit infront of the elders and glaring at Valkyrie when she hesitated in sitting down before she decided to sit infront of Elder bespoke and grand mage Ravel opposite Skulduggery on the elegant golden table which was situated in the middle of the chamber. Ravel coughed before gesturing at Ghastly to start the discussion off which earned a sigh from Ghastly. "As you both are well aware im sure, there has been a discovery which could mean the possible development of Skulduggery's skin once again. However, we have contacted Finbar wrong and we have his word that he will help but we do need you, Valkyrie, to offer your help and be the one to go into the dream world. Will you help us?" Ghastly asked hopefully as all eyes swiftly moved to Valkyrie. "I'll do it." She said nodding and Ghastly smiled quickly whilst Ravel nodded at the idea that she had agreed to help. "Ok then Valkyrie thank you then its settled, you will get rested tonight and tommorow at 7am you and Skulduggery will make your way to finbars tattoo parlor. Good luck both of you." Ravel said smiling at Valkyrie and completely oblivious to Skulduggery's now angry form staring at Valkyrie from across the table. "Ravel, Ghastly, may I have a word with you both?" Skulduggery growled at them whilst they both nodded and tipstaff came to escort Valkyrie out of the room before anything happened between them. As soon as the doors shut Skulduggery spun around to face his friends before speaking in a very low tone. "How could you even allow her to do this?" Skulduggery growled whilst Ghastly shook his head. "Skulduggery look I get it that you look after her but this is for the good of the mission and you know it. Valkyrie can handle herself over there and we have high security going to finbars including medics and cleavers all for her and your comfort. This mission is using everything we have so please relax. I promise we will do everything we can for her."

"Ok but if anything happens to her Ghastly you will know about it..." Skulduggery growled before sharply getting up and heading towards the door without looking back at the Elders sitting in a now stunned silence...

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