Bruises and Scars

This story is about Autumn Hale, a simple outcast. That is, until the entire school sees a bruise on her cheek. That's when she meets Reece. She becomes friends with him, but eventually falls for his dark charm. Little did she know her best friend might be hiding his feelings as well.


1. The school show

Autumn's P.O.V.

I walked into school, my hood flipped up to hide it. Man it was bad this time. But it wasn't that hard to hide from everyone. But that's only because I only have one friend.Yep, just one and he is very... "Autumn!!!" I heard, interrupting my thoughts. I turned and next thing I knew I was on the ground, struggling to breath. I couldn't figure out why I was having such a hard time with and intake of breath, until I opened my eyes and saw Kevin's face right above mine. I brought my hands up and tried to push him off me, but he just wouldn't budge.

"Get off me! You freaking cow!'' I yelled. He laughed his adorable laugh and got off. That's when I heard them. The mutters of everyone in the hallway. Things like 'Get a room', and 'Wow right in the hallway' That's when my face turned a deep shade of scarlet. But then I heard another whisper.. 'What happened to her cheek?' My eyes widened and I flipped my hood back up. Kevin was staring at me with a half worried, half confused look on his face.

This cant be happening. They cant know. Especially Kevin. I started to hyperventilate from fear. So I did the only thing that made sense at the moment. I ran. Out of the school and into the street. I collapsed right in the middle of it. I was so past hysteria I didn't even hear the footsteps that had followed me. I also hadn't realized I was laying in the middle of the street until a pair of arms grabbed me, picking me up like I was a fragile china doll. They took me back to the parking lot. That's when I looked up at who had me in their grasp. I didn't recognize the face. He put me down.

"Hey you alright?" He asked, moving his hand to brush away the tears that were streaming like waterfalls down my face. He knocked my hood off on accident. The mystery guy's face went blank. He rubbed his thumb gently over the giant bruise on my cheek. He looked straight into my eyes and asked the dreaded question. "What happened?" I don't know why, but something deep inside of me told me to tell him. That I could trust this guy that I didn't even know the name too.

"My Dad..." Was all that came out of my mouth before I faltered, my voice making that horrible cracking sound. But I didn't need to say any more. He took my hand and walked me to a car. He opened the door and motioned for me to go in. I know it wasn't the best idea to get in a car with a stranger, but I had a gut feeling. So I climbed in and he did as well. He started driving, that's when I gained some sense. "Who are you? And why do you care?" I asked quietly, my voice barely above a whisper.

"I'm Reece." Was all he said, not even looking at me. So I sighed and looked away. But I couldn't help myself. I turned and studies his features. Everything about him was dark. From his long black hair that hung in his eyes, to the clothes he wore. His eyes were even grey...but the thing about them was that they had flecks of lavender in them. They were amazing, that was until he caught me practically checking him out. I blushed and looked out the window as we pulled into an apartment complex.

Reece got out, I following his lead. He walked over to me and took my hand. He walked me up some stairs to the second floor and opened a door. We walked inside. I looked around hesitantly. It was really nice. "Come into the living room...." Reece trailed off. He didn't know my name yet.

"Autumn." I said, letting him know. He nodded and beckoned for me to follow him. He led the way to the room, sitting me down on the couch before he did the same. I asked the first question that came to mind. "Why are we here?" I realized then I had never repositioned my hood and was showing off my bruise. He scooted closer, running his thumb over it again. His touch was light as a feather. He sighed and shook his head. Then all of the sudden he grabbed my wrist. I winced as his hand hit the fresh cuts. "Please don't." I whispered, my eyes locked on his face. But he didn't look at me as he pulled my sleeve up. He seemed to cringe at all the cuts that were there.

"You draw." Reece stated. He let my hand go and too my surprise he slid his sleeve up as well. He revealed to me a mass of pink scars. There wasn't a new one anywhere to be seen though. "I used to be an artist too." I just stared at his arm, that's what mine would look like if I stopped.

"I don't get it though, why did you pull me out of the street? You didn't even know my name." I asked softly, my fingers tracing every one of his scars. I looked up at him, waiting for an answer. He seemed to be thinking.

"I...Fix broken things." Reece whispered. "And you are in need of a savior."

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