You're My Life Saver

I kept my hands over my face for quite some time. Until I heard some heavy coughing from in front of me. I slowly uncovered my eyes to see that Louis had woken up. He dizzily sat up and looked at me straight in the eyes and said... "You're my life saver..."


6. Chapter 5

Jordyn's P.O.V

We all sat on the floor and put a bottle in the middle of the circle. Harry span it first and it landed on Niall.

"Truth or dare?" Harry asked him

"Dare," Niall said, probably regretting after Harry smirked.

"I dare you to... Lick Tilly's hand!" We all scrunched our noses up in disgust.

"A dares a dare, right?" Niall said looking at Tilly, she nodded and Niall licked her hand. Ewws filled the room.

"My turn now," Niall said then span the bottle it landed on Louis "I dare you to take of your clothes and ware nothing but your pants until the game has finished!" Niall dared. I liked this idea! I mentally slapped myself. No, Jordyn he has a girlfriend! When I snapped out of my thoughts, Louis was already in his pants. I couldn't help but stare, I shook my head and waited for the next one.

"Okay, Jordyn truth or dare?" He asked me. I thought for a while. But I decided on truth.

"Truth," I said simply. He nodded and asked the question I really didn't want him to ask...

"Have you ever had a boyfriend?" He asked and Eleanor slapped him. "What? I'm curious," He said looking into my eyes. I can't concentrate, whenever I looked at him I felt a 'zing' or something, it's quite a complicated feeling.

"Yeah, but I'd rather not talk about it..." I admitted. He nodded understanding.

"It's fine, how about we get a takeaway or something?" He suggested

"YES!" Niall and Tilly screamed at the same time.


We got a Nando's takeaway, and Niall ordered half the menu... I didn't get much I just got a salad. I was sitting next to Eleanor ad Tilly. Do you know how irritating Eleanor is? If you were me then you would understand...

"So, Jordyn do you live with your parents?" Eleanor asked me in a really irritating voice. She did not just ask me that.

"Yeah I do," I lied. I couldn't let her or anyone rather know about my parents death. Only Tilly knows though.

"So tell us about your ex then?" Shes pushing it too far.

"I'd really rather not," I said.

"Oh come on, you can tell us!" She pushed. I shook my head and went to the bathroom. I locked myself in and slid down on the floor and sobbed. Why does she have to push me so much? I mean, we only just met and she hates me... I heard a knock on the door.

"Jordyn?" It was Louis.

"What?" I said quietly.

"Are you alright? Let me in? Please?" He pleaded. I stood up and opened the door and let him in. We both sat on the floor. "What's up?" He asked me.

"Your girlfriend, she's just pushing it. She hates me and doesn't even know me. She's asking about my ex and m-my p-parents," I said. Sobbing.

"Listen, if you ever need or want to talk about it. Come to me, and thanks again for today, I wouldn't be here right now without you," He told me.

"Thanks Louis," I said smiling.

"I'm gonna go and get ready for bed so you can wait here with everyone okay?" He said and I nodded. We both got out the bathroom, he went upstairs and I went to the kitchen. I discovered nobody was there apart from Eleanor. She walked up to me.

"Listen, Jordyn. Stay away from Louis, because I can tell you like him. The way you stared at him, so back off! He doesn't even like you!" She said.

"You don't know what I did for him!" I said back.

"Oh and exactly what would tha-" She stopped talking because she heard Louis coming downstairs.

"Hi girls! Getting on okay?" He asked. Eleanor nodded and hugged me.

"Yeah! Really well actually Lou!" She said, smiling. I put on a fake smile. She doesn't want Louis to know she's threatening me. But I won't tell him she's lying because I wouldn't want him worrying about me...

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