You're My Life Saver

I kept my hands over my face for quite some time. Until I heard some heavy coughing from in front of me. I slowly uncovered my eyes to see that Louis had woken up. He dizzily sat up and looked at me straight in the eyes and said... "You're my life saver..."


28. Chapter 27

"NO!" I yelled as I felt the tears pour down my eyes. This is not happening right now! I knelt besides Louis' pale and lifeless looking body. "Louis please don't die!" I whispered letting all the tears out. I looked up at Michael. He had dropped the gun and he looked frozen. I grabbed the gun that was on the floor and stood up. I shakily held the gun out towards Michael.

"You, have ruined my life... I honestly don't know what I've done to deserve this," I said as I carried on crying. I pulled the trigger slowly. "Jordyn, don't." He said. "Nothing you say will ever change my mind," I said as I let go of the trigger. Michael collapsed on the ground. I can't believe I just did that. I grabbed Louis' phone out of his pocket and searched through his contacts to find someone.


I was guessing that was Harry. I dialled it as quick as I could. "Hello? Lou?" He asked. "Harry, it's Jordyn. You need to come to the old run down warehouse now, and ring the ambulance. No time for questions come now!" I said very quickly. "Okay on our way, see you in a min," He said then hung up. I put the phone down and knelt down next to Louis' body. "Come on Lou, please be okay!" I whispered. I brushed his hair out of his face and kissed him lightly.

I felt no one kiss back. Like he always did. I saw my tears fall on his cheeks. "I saved you once, why couldn't I save you again?" I asked to his lifeless body. I heard the door opening and loads of paramedics came in, with loads of equipment. Behind them all came the boys, Tilly and Georgia. "Jordyn!" They all yelled and gave me a massive hug.

I saw that Louis and Michael were getting wheeled out on stretchers. "Oh my god what happened to Louis?!" Niall asked. "Well, Michael shot him, so I shot Michael in self-defence." I said, looking down. "Oh my god I hope he's okay!" Liam said giving me a hug. "We missed you so much!" Tilly said as she squeezed me in a hug. "Ow, Till my ribs hurt!" I said. She let go. "Sorry!" She apologised. "You might want to go the hospital..." Georgia pointed out. I nodded in agreement. "Yeah probably."

"I wanna beat the shit out of Michael!" Tilly exclaimed. "I think we all do love," Niall agreed with Tilly. "Let's get out of here," I said as we left for the hospital.


Filler, and I'm about to start a new book called 'Help'.

If you liked this book, go and read this one^

Thanksss! :D


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