You're My Life Saver

I kept my hands over my face for quite some time. Until I heard some heavy coughing from in front of me. I slowly uncovered my eyes to see that Louis had woken up. He dizzily sat up and looked at me straight in the eyes and said... "You're my life saver..."


18. Chapter 17

A/N: Just wanna say so sorry for not updating in like forever! So heres the update now anyway!


Louis' P.O.V

At the photoshoot, I couldn't think straight. Jordyn was in my mind. She's just so perfect! But she'll never like me, though. I have no Eleanor in the way of my life now. I was pulled out of my thoughts when the photographer spoke.

"Louis, can you get into the shot please?!" He asked. I nodded and walked into the shot and he took more pictures. "Okay, all done guys. You're free to go." He said putting his camera away. We went to the dressing and put on our original clothes on and then we left.

"Louis, mate you've been really quiet lately" Harry pointed out on the way home. Yeah, I was. I was thinking about stuff.

"Yeah, just thinking..."

"About...?" Niall dragged on.

"No one," I said accidentally.

"So it's a person!" Zayn said. I sighed, knowing they'd figure it out.

"I know who it is!" Liam said.

"It's Jordyn isn't it?" Harry said nudging my shoulder. Just hearing her name made heat rise to my cheeks. "It is! He's blushing!" Harry yelled as we got out the car.

"Okay fine Harry, it is. But you promise not to tell Jordyn or Tilly?" I asked. He nodded and stuck his pinkie finger out. I raised my eyebrow at him but took it anyway. We got inside, I crashed out on the couch and went on my phone for a bit. It buzzed which made me jump. I had a message.

To: Lou ;P

Hey, sorry about not being 100% this morning. But thanks for visiting, you made me feel a lot better! xox

From: Jord <3

I smiled, I made her feel better? Aww! I texted her back.

To: Jord <3

No problem! That's so sweet ! We should meet up some time? You and Tilly could come round here for a bit? xxx

From: Lou ;P

She texted back and said okay! I went into the kitchen where everyone was.

"Jordyn and Tilly are coming over!" I yelled. Everyone said okay.

"Yay!" Niall said. "I can't wait to see Tilly!" He said.

"Looks like Niall's got a crush on Tilly!" Zayn teased which made him blush.

"Yep, he has!" Harry said ruffling Niall's hair.

"Okay! Don't tell 'em though!" He said as the doorbell went off.

"I'll get it!" Me and Niall both said at the same time. I looked up at him with a playful scowl. He did the same and we raced to the door. We both opened it.

"Hi Jordyn!" I said smiling.

"Hi Tilly," Niall said straight after I did.

"Hiya!" They both said and we let them in. We all sat in the living room.

"Hi guys!" Jordyn said to everyone else and they said hi back. We just sat and talked for a while. This was a lovely afternoon.


A/N: Will update soon! Byee xxx <3

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