You're My Life Saver

I kept my hands over my face for quite some time. Until I heard some heavy coughing from in front of me. I slowly uncovered my eyes to see that Louis had woken up. He dizzily sat up and looked at me straight in the eyes and said... "You're my life saver..."


13. Chapter 12

Louis' P.O.V

I woke up and yawned. I remembered yesterday, when I broke up with Eleanor and when Jordyn was there to cheer me up. I liked it when she read that story to me. I turned to my side and saw Jordyn was sleeping peacefully. I smiled at the sight of her. She was still in her clothes from yesterday. I didn't want to wake her so I left her and went to get dressed. I put on some clean clothes, brushed my teeth and untangled my hair so it looked decent. When I went back to my room and saw Jordyn sitting up in my bed, reading again.

"You love that book don't you?" I asked. Which made her jump.

"Yeah, my favourite one! Oh and I didn't mean to fall asleep here..." She trailed off, looking embarrassed.

"It's fine, don't worry love," I said. She smiled.

"You seem in a happier mood today?" She asked I nodded. I'm over Eleanor now, I've got my eyes on someone else.

"Yep, I am over her." I told her. She smiled looking really pleased. "I want to take you, Tilly and the boys camping this weekend," I said. "Would you like that?"

She nodded eagerly. "Yeah! That would be really fun!" She said, trying to untangle her hair with her hairbrush.

"Good, can you ask Tilly? I'll ask the boys," I said. She nodded. I went downstairs to the boys and they were all eating breakfast.

"I want to go camping!" I said. They all looked at me.

"Great idea Louis!" Liam said.

"Well you're in a happy mood!" Harry exclaimed. I laughed.

"Yep, because I'm over Eleanor," I said.

"Good on ya mate!" Zayn said as he patted my back. I changed the subject back to camping.

"So, camping then?" You all up for it?" I asked everyone. I heard a chourus of "yeahs" fill the room.

"Great! So who's going to be in charge of what?" I asked.

"FOOD!" Niall yelled.

"Okay, Niall your incharge of the food. Liam and Zayn, you be in charge of the tent, and Harry get the beds?" I asked. Everyone nodded and went to get the stuff.

After they all went off, Jordyn came into the kitchen.

"Hey Louis, Tilly's all up for it. She says she'll be round in half an hour, and I'm just going to pack my things too," she said. I smiled and nodded.

"Okay, see you in a bit?" I asked. She nodded and went to pack her things.

Jordyn's P.O.V

I went back to my house to go and pack my things. I was really excited to go camping with Tilly and the boys. I used to go camping with my mum and dad. I haven't been since a couple of years ago. I got inside and pulled out my suitcase. I put in my underwear, bras, socks, tops, leggings, joggers, pyjamas, toothbrush, tooth paste, sleeping bag, pillow and a blanket. I also took a smaller bag and put in my sketch pad, pencils, camera, hairbrush, melody Malone, phone and headphones. I zipped up my suitcase and dragged it out the door. I walked down to the boys house and knocked on the door. Harry answered.

"Hey Jordyn! Come in, we're nearly ready to go!" He said. I stepped inside and saw Tilly waiting in the living room.

"Hi Till!" I said and I sat next to her.

"Hey!" She said. We didn't have much time to talk, because before we knew it, we were leavinng.

This is going to be fun!

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