BodyGuard (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

What happens aspiring model has a new BodyGuard? Will she love him like he loves her? Or will it always be professional?


2. Photo Shoot and Meeting new people

Hey my lovelies!!! chapter 2!! My phone was being stupid and erased the chapter I write so I had to re write it all. But anyway ENJOY PRECIOUS UNICORNS!!



Jasmine's POV

I woke up to talking downstairs. Loud talking might I add. I looked over at my clock and my eyes went wide. 11:15. And our shoot is at Noon. I basically jumped out of bed. I went into my closet, and put on a pair of skinny jeans which made my butt look big, a plain white tee, a leather jacket, and some black heeled booties. I brushed my hair, teeth, and didn't bother to put make-up on because when I got there they'd just do it for me.

I rushed downstairs, grabbing my IPhone along the way, and went into the kitchen. I looked up and saw everyone dressed and talking.

"Hey. We better get going. We don't want to be late."

We all hustled out of the house and into what looked lime Harry's Tahoe. I got into the passengers side, and once I looked up, my Boring brown eyes met with the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. I felt everyone's stares on us, so i looked away. Eleanor and Perrie both gave me looks like 'You're telling us later.' And I was going to.

We quickly arrived, and there were paps everywhere, just waiting for one of us 3 to make a wrong move. Luckily there were other guards plus Harry to hold them back.

We made it inside alive, only to see the cameraman, Scott, heading over to us. Lets just say he was a whole lot of gay. So none of us had a problem with modeling in front of him.

"Ladies! So glad you could make it today. Now we need all 3 of you to go to the dressing room and get dressed for the first shoot. You 3 boys come and wait over there."

We quickly exited to go to the dressing room. Once we were done changing, Perrie wearing Sexy bra and panties, the bra showing enough cleavage, Eleanor wearing a One piece, where its showing her sides, and connecting the two pieces together with a thin piece if fabric, and me wearing a two piece thats black with thin pink fabric flowing from the top. We were all wearing black Stilettos. When we walked out, the boy's couldn't keep there moves shut.

Harry's POV

We were all talking with each other, discussing a football (soccer) match that recently occurred, when I saw her walk out with the other girls. I couldn't keep my mouth shut, and i couldn't stop staring at her. Yes she was attractive, burt she was beautiful either way.

She came over to us and told us to shut our mouths or we'll catch flies. She came over to me and slowly shut my mouth, while I was just staring into her eyes.

I watched her walk to the cameraman, shaking her butt, which mad me get hard. She really knows how to turn someone on. Just then, i got a text from Liam saying he'd meet us at Starbucks later with Niall, and i told him ok.

While the girls were finishing up, i told them about the plans and they said okay.

I was thinking about last night and Jasmine. Man that kiss was amazing. I like her, but I'm gonna wait a few day, maybe even weeks to talk about how I feel with her. Hell, I might not even tell her how I fell then.


Jasmine's POV

We walked into Starbucks, and almost immediately, the 3 boys went over to a guys with blonde hair, and a guy with sandy brown hair. That must be Liam and Niall.

We walked over to them after they're reunion, and introduced our selves. I went up to the counter to order for everyone, after i got they're orders from them, and they took a seat.

Once i got to the counter, i was met by a very pretty girl with red hair, and accidentally knocked coffee all over her.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" I got up and got some napkins to help her clean off her shirt.

"Its okay. Just my clumsiness." I laughed at her statement.

"My names Jasmine." Her head instantly shot up, eyes wide.

"The model? Oh my gosh I love your work. I'm Ashley by the way." She held out her hand for me to shake.

"Nice to meet you Ashley. How about we trade numbers, yeah?" I shook her hand.

"Yeah ok." We both got out our phone and traded them, then traded back.

"How about you come hang with me and my friends for a bit."

She quickly said ok, then we headed over to my friends after I got the orders. After the introductions, and some freaking out from Ashley because of Eleanor and Perrie, we sat down and chatted. In the middle of our conversation, I heard a voice i thought and wished I'd never hear again. It was.......


Who was it??? Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed!! Remember to:




Shmanks pretty ducklings!!!!!!


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