BodyGuard (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

What happens aspiring model has a new BodyGuard? Will she love him like he loves her? Or will it always be professional?


1. New Bodyguard.. Yay

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Jasmine's POV


"Perfect Jasmine! C'mon work it baby! Alright that's a wrap!" the cameraman put down his camera and walked towards me smiling like an idiot.

"Great job today Jasmine!" He is way to excited. I mean its just Seventeen Magazine.

"Thanks Paul!" I said goodbye and walked to my dressing room. I Quickly changed into sweats and a sports bra then checked my self out in the mirror. Yes okay I do that. 

Oh! I'm Jasmine. Im 19 and I live in L.A. with my best friends Perrie and Eleanor. They can be shy at first but once you get to know them, they are really funny, and Bitchy sometimes, but I love them and wouldn't have it any other way. They both have Boyfriends which i'm really jealous about. They're both also models. El does lingerie for Victoria secret and Perrie does Topshop Modeling. They grew up in Northern England, and I'm from Canada. 

Anyway, I Heard a Knock on the door, and yelled "Come in!". I turned around and there stood my manager Dave with this really attractive Guy. He had curly hair, Tatoos, but only enough to make him really sexy, okay that didnt make sense, and these peircing green eyes. I mean they were the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen. He looked to be about 20-21.

"Jasmine, this is Harry Styles. He's your new body guard." Dave introduced Harry, and he just smiled at me, then it turned into a smirk. Just then did I realize I was staring at him.

"I'm Jasmine. NIce to meet you." I was trying to be polite, and it seemed to be working.

"Harry. and you too." He smirked at me then both of us looked at Dave.

"Harry will be with you at all times, no exceptions or complaints-"

I quickly interupted him. "Oh im not complaining." I was looking at harry when I said that.

"Anyway," he continued, "Harry will be living in your guest room, in your house, got it?"

"Yes." I answered, enthusiasm lingering in my voice. 

Dave quickly left without another word, leaving me and Harry standing there.

I grabbed my bag, then headed towards the door, but stopped and turned on my heel.

"You comin?" I asked, motioning him towards the door.

"Oh right. yes." He walked past me and we both walked to my car. I also noticed he had a British accent. Sexy.

Unfortunately when we got outside, there were paparazzi everywhere.

"Keep you head down and dont answer any questions, no matter what. Got it?"

I answered with enthusiasm, just like before and said yes.

We pushed through the paparazzi and finally made it ot my car. I got in the passangers side, assuming Harry was driving, and I was correct.

He started the car and he drove off towards my house.

"so Harry, I wanna get to know you better if we're gonna be living together. So lets play 20 questions. We'll go back and forth."

"Alright. I'll start." God his voice was sexy as hell.

"Favorite Movie?"

"Toy story, defo. Favorite soda?"


"Boo, you suck! Jk but I'm a Pepsi kinda girl."

"Are you a virgin?"

"Cheeky Bastard. No. Where did you live before here?" I wanted to know what part of England that sexy ass hell accent came from.

"Holmes Chapel, Chesire, England. Born and raised. Moved here when I was 19."

"How old are you? Im 19, so its totally legal to rape me if you want, im allowing it, but you?"

He chuckled at my response.

"Ok well I might take you up on that offer, and two im 22."

Soon we arrived at my mansion/house whatever you want to call it, and got out of the car. I opened the front door, and yelled out to see if my betsies were here.

"Honey's! I'm Home!!" I heard footsteps coming down the stairs, a lot more than usual, and saw 4 heads pop out from the bottom of the staircase.

That explains the extra footsteps. it was just Louis and Zayn. "Sup losers."

"And I already know she's talking to us Lou. Jeeze, how did we let a girl win?"

I chuckled at Zayn's statement, and waited for Louis to say something.

"It might be the fact that she owns the house, and we really cant do shit about it. Oh and nice to see you Jazzy."

"You too. I want you all to meet someone. This is Harry. He's my new Sexy ass Body guard. He's now living with us because Dave thinks I need protection, and I'm kinda glad he did." I smirked, and saw Harry smirk and look at everyone else. His eyes scanned over the girls, and he introduced himself to them, then the next part really confused me.

"Harry? Long time no see man! How you been?" Louis and Zayn both 'man hugged' Harry, and he answered with a simple "Good nice to see you again."

"Um 3 clueless girls standing over here!!" They all turned around from they're nonstop chatter and explained everything. How they were all best friends with two other guys in school, but then Harry moved away, and they're reuniting.

"So where's the other two?" Perrie was even more confused now.

"They're touring the world." harry answered with sadness in his voice.

"Thats too bad. Maybe one day we'll meet them." El went over to Louis and cuddled up with him. Perrie the same with Zayn. I fake gagged making everyone chuckle.

"Alright while you four lovebirds do your... lovey..dovey..thing, I'm gonna show Harry his room.

I quickly went up the stairs with Harry trailing behind me. We past many doors, until we came to a stop in front of the door next to mine.

"Here is your room. I'll let you get settled." I walked away without even waiting for a response.

When I got downstairs, I almost had a heart attack from the sight in front of me.

"EWW! Guys, get a room, or 2 in this case." I must of startled all of them because they broke apart while blushing. Harry came downstairs in sweats and a t-shirt, making it so you could see his fit torso and his tatoos.

I didn't realize I was staring, until Perr and El dragged me away while yelling to the guys, "Girl talk, we'll be out in a bit!"

I was sat on a couch, in what looked like my game room. "Ok we're safe from the boys. Now, do you like Harry? Tell us the truth or we will murder you." Eleanor laughed at the end while saying they wouldn't really.

"I dont know... I just met him today. Let's wait a couple days then I'll tell you if I really do, ok? I want to spend time with him first." I got up, opened the door, and yelled for the boys.

"What...... We were having guy talk. Seriously, cant you girls go do something?" Louis groaned while taking a seat on the leather couch.

"No because we are all playing a game. Lou pick a game."

"My pleasure. Truth or Dare, but with a bottle. Whoever spins the bottle, has to ask whoever the bottle lands on, a Truth or Dare. simple?"

"Yes" we all said in unision.

I went to sit on the floor with Perrie on my right and Eleanor on my left, then Louis by Eleanor, Zayn by Perrie, and Harry across form me.

"Who wants to start?" I asked looking at all of them. Louis shot his hand up right away. He looked at all of us, then spun the bottle.

It landed on eleanor.

"Babe, truth or dare?" They were looking at each other, then Eleanor said, "Dare babe. And make it good."

"Alright, I Dare you to call up one of your male co-workers," he made a disgusted face afterwords, making us all laugh," And ask to borrow a condom. but you have to say it seductively."  Louis looked really worried at the end.

Eleanor quickly called up Mark, one of the male models, and while she did that, mine and Marry's phones both rang at the same time, which freaked us all out.

I grabbed my phone, and on the caller I.D. it read Dave. I clicked answer and brought my phone up to my ear. ( M- me D-dave)


M- Hello

D- Jasmine! I was calling because I have a job for you, Eleanor, and Perrie. 

M- Ok what is it

D- It's a Lingerie shoot for Victoria's Secret, and It's paying a lot.

M- Ok we'll be there. When?

D- Tomorrow at Noon

M- Ok thanks Dave bye


*End of conversation*

 hung up, and walked back into the room, seeing Harry already there.

"Who was it?" Eleanor asked while rubbing Louis' torso up and down.

"It was Dave. He has a job for us 3 and I told him we would go."

" Ok what is it?" Perrie looked up at me from Zayn's lap.

"We have a Lingerie shoot for Victoria's Secret tomorrow at noon." As soon as I said that, all 3 boys' heads shot up, and they shouted in unision, "We're going!"

"Ok. and Harry you really had no choice so..." He looked up at me and blushed.

"Ok, Harry, who were you on the phone with?" Louis asked Harry.

"Liam. He called me saying he was coming to L.A. to live here with Niall, and wanted to meet up. All 5 of us." He was now looking at Louis and Zayn, who both had excitement all over there faces.

"Yes! They can meet us tomorrow at the photo shoot." Zayn answered, motioning for him to text Liam.

"Ok well, I'm tired so I'll see you guys tomorrow." I got up and went upstairs to my room. Before I opened the door, I turned to see Harry standing there. 

"Hey." I looked up at him, and said hey back.

"Just wanted to say goodnight and I'll see you tomorrow." I looked into his eyes, getting lost in them, then what I did next suprised us both. I reached up and grabbed the sides of his face, and smashed my lip onto his. He almost immediatly kissed back. Before it could get to far, I pulled back, quickly said good night, and shut my door. I got changed into my pajama's, and got into bed.

I went to sleep that night, thinking about how good that kiss with Harry was. I guess I do like him.


Sup cupcakes!!! Love you!!









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