Elements and Animals

This movella is about a werewolf, vampire, the elements of electricity, fire , and water. Please tell me if you are likening or hateing it. Enjoy


11. Chapter 7 What did it mean?

Niall's P.O.V

Here I am staring at a vision of beauty I can't believe how lucky I am. Her eyes slowly opened "Good Morning." I say "Good Morning." She said back smiling then yawning. "Am I at your house?" She asked "Yea." "Niall I need clothes to change into." "We can worry about that later." "Ugg fine." I lean in and kiss her she smiles in the kiss and so do I. "I can not believe how lucky I am to have you." I say. She smiles once again. "I love you." "I love you too."

Later we are having some coffee at Starbucks. "So a fan actually did that?" "Yea. It was funny they even put it in the movie." "How odd but I can relate." I took a sip of my coffee "Mmmm this place has great coffee." "I know!"

Sky's P.O.V

I find myself sitting on my couch at home how did I get here? I hear a low shocking sound I turn around only about an inch and then I get hit by a bolt of electricity. I shoot up in Niall's bed at his house "Are you alright babe?" Niall asks me "Yea just a dream." I say shakily from my scary dream. Niall puts his strong arms around me, it's comforting but I still wonder, What could that dream have meant?

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