Elements and Animals

This movella is about a werewolf, vampire, the elements of electricity, fire , and water. Please tell me if you are likening or hateing it. Enjoy


7. chapter 4 Hot Chocolate

Sky's P.O.V

I was sitting on the sofa with Niall next to me and Louis on the sofa opposite of us. We were watching AFV and Niall is laughing like a maniac it's a really funny show. "I'm gonna make some hot chocolate." I said and went to the kitchen. After I finished I walked back into the room and passed out the coco. "This is the best coco ever!" "Yea she makes the best." I smiled and sipped my coco.

After they left I decided to go buy Christmas presents I first bought Niall an Louis's presents, a watch and a soccer ball. Then I bought presents for my brother and me. I'll buy the rest later.

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