Elements and Animals

This movella is about a werewolf, vampire, the elements of electricity, fire , and water. Please tell me if you are likening or hateing it. Enjoy


16. Chapter 11 Will you?

Skylar's P.O.V

I woke up and showered and got dressed and ate then sat down and watched tv. Niall said he had to go last night, I hope he's ok. My phone rang and I looked at the caller ID it was Niall "Hello." "Hey babe, you know where Liam's house is right?" "Yea." "Ok well make sure your wearing something nice." "Umm ok." "And then come over to his place, bye!" He said and hung up "Hmm.." I said to myself and then put on something a bit more dressier. After I got to Liam's place I knocked "Come in!" I heard from inside as soon as I walked in everyone jumped out and yelled "Surprise!!" Niall walked over to me "Happy Birthday." He said and hugged me.

During the party we danced and had cake and chattered a lot. It finally came present time. "Me first!" Louis yelled he had apparently been on a vacation the past few weeks. I opened the present and it was a beautiful bracelet "It's beautiful!" I said and hugged him I opened the rest and I got the most beautiful gifts "Ok my turn." Niall said he helped me up then got on one knee pulling out a box "Skylar, I know we've been through a lot lately and I know that I've loved you through it all and I just want to know if you'll be mine forever and marry me." I was tearing up and cuffed my mouth "....Yes yes yes!!" I said and hugged Niall as everyone cheered he leaned in and kissed me and I kissed back while everyone cheered even louder. "I love you forever." He said

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