Elements and Animals

This movella is about a werewolf, vampire, the elements of electricity, fire , and water. Please tell me if you are likening or hateing it. Enjoy


15. Chapter 10 Doctor visit

Sky's P.O.V

As I walk up to Niall to tell him he says something else "Maybe we should visit the hospital." "Umm yea that's cool." He makes the appointment for the 202 hospital- basically the hospital for people that are creatures or have powers. We drive there and sit in the waiting room until a nurse calls my name and we walk into an ultrasound room. The doctor spreads the goo on my stomach and puts the little machine thing on my stomach. The doctor examines the image on the screen then turns it around "What?!?" Niall whispers "Are you guys dating?" The doctor asks "Yes." "Well what types are you?" "I'm water and she's fire." "Ok we'll you see your girlfriend is pregnant. Congratulations!" The doctor then sent us off, it was quiet until we got outside. "How did this happen?" "Niall it's going to be ok." I assured him.

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