Angel Run

In a classic story of good vs evil we are immersed in a world where angels fight demons up in heaven and humans fight imps down on earth. Once in a while an angel falls from heaven and needs rescuing. When this happens, a small group of elite soldiers are sent on an Angel Run.


2. Sam

“We shouldn’t have left them like that. It will scar them, how will they ever recover?” asked Roderick.

“A scar is a scar. It is a badge of honor, proof and a constant reminder of what we have overcome. It will be good for the children. It will make them strong.”

“No, not all scars are good Bogwick. Remember Kuterift the Bold. After The Battle of the Hill, he was never the same. History gives us plenty of examples of why scars are not just scars. Doc help me out” pleaded Roderick.

“Actually a scar is a good thing Roderick. You see, when the skin is broken it comes back together by forming a scar. Scaring is how our bodies heal, without them the body would stay broken.”

Frustrated Roderick replied, “But they’re children. It isn’t right to leave them all alone after removing the scales from their eyes so that they can see that monsters surround them.”

Drave lifted his head up from his solemn meditation and said, “No, it is not right that we tossed the children into the fire and walked away. It is not right that we have to leave our own children and families to through ourselves to the flames. It is not right that we have to wade through this life of sorrow and grief to have it come to a quick and eternal end. It is not right that heaven does not welcome our torn and battered souls as we exit this life, pleading for a place to rest form the dreads of this world. It is not right! It is wrong! That is the sacred calling that has befallen us. To help make the world right for our posterity. Every angel that we rescue and every demon that we slay brings us that much closer to make the world right. Not until that day will children all over, not just in one little school house, be saved from the fires that threaten to consume them.”

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