Roslyn, the influential daughter of a wealthy mayor, had much more power than she should. Born and raised in a world where there are no consequences for actions, she plundered through life carelessly- misusing the power of her father to manipulate those who displeased her or didn't do as she told them. Looking forward to a continuous life of riches and comfort, she still yearned for more just beyond her reach. But her view of life changed when her mother died and her father disowned her, forcing her out of her comfortable lifestyle out into the street with nothing but her former manservant, Clarence. Amid a town of people who detest her and the dark cloud of a lifetime of regret she realizes and mourns her past misdoings and does her best, as a person who has never done anything for herself, to build a new, happier life for herself.


9. The Truth of the Matter

"Roslyn, supper's ready."

I am in a guest room located on the second story of the place where Alistair lives with his father. When he had opened the door, Alistair had showed no sign of recognition despite my gasp and outstretched arms. He had not even looked at me, just listened to Clarence's brief explanation of why I was there, and then let Clarence lead me to the room I was to be staying in. Once I was inside, Clarence had left without a single word. That was fine with me, I too just want to be alone.

"I don't want any," I mumble from where I am lying on the ground, on the shreds of the fancy dresses I had torn up. 

"Sulking won't do you any good, Roslyn," Clarence says from behind the door.

I feel a pang in my chest, that's right, I'm not "Miss" Roslyn any more. I let out a tearless sob.

"I'm not sulking, you inconsiderate pig," I snarl, lifting myself up on my elbows.

For a moment there was silence. Then the door swung open forcefully, revealing a Clarence with a face full of anger. Yet also, strangely, satisfaction.

"You cannot speak to me like that anymore," he hissed, his gray eyes flashing blue. "Now you are no better than the rest of us. In fact, we are above you. Not only are we providing food and shelter for you purely out of the kindness of our hearts, but we are also currently now of higher social status. So if you insult me one more time, I can make sure you are thrown out onto the streets, where the lifestyle is..."

He looked with his mouth twisted into a sneer at the scraps of dress scattered around the room.

"Much more unpleasant," he finished.

I could do nothing more than stare in shock at this person who had once served below me. What had happened to that person? Watching this Clarence with the sharp tongue and burning eyes glare at me, I wondered if the servant Clarence had ever existed. When he slammed the door I lay myself back down, numb to the world, and stared at the ceiling wishing for a glimpse of the sky, but too exhausted to look out the window.

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