Don't Let Me Go

"I love you"he said as he rubbed his nose against mine. "I love you two" I giggled................THATS!! What I thought was happening,but in reality that never happens. NEVER!!


5. My Love

I walked to the door I could hear faint crying "Harry?" I whispered I slowly opened the door a peeked out I looked at the ground and there was Harry he had his knees tucked up to his chest and was crying "Harry?" I said softly as I kneeled down by him "N-Noel"he said softly as he sobbed "are you ok?" I asked him "N-Noel Im S-Sorry" he cried "I know Harry but I can't take it anymore I'm sorry but we have to stay friends" I told him he sobbed more I stood up and looked down at him I could feel the tears coming I quickly went back into my room and sobbed I just couldn't take seeing my love cry and that the fact that he would never be my love again 

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