Don't Let Me Go

"I love you"he said as he rubbed his nose against mine. "I love you two" I giggled................THATS!! What I thought was happening,but in reality that never happens. NEVER!!


4. Mum

"N-Noel please!!" He pleaded from the out side of the door "Harry I'm sorry I just can't deal with this anymore" I said "no Noel please I promise it will never happen again" he pleaded some more I swore I could here little white lies playing in the back ground but it was just my imagination "Noel?" He said "Harry I'm sorry I'm gonna call my mum and tell her to bring me back with her to Westmeath Mullingur " I said (I'm Nialls sister by the way) "NO!!," he said "NO!!please no" "Harry I'm really sorry but you had your chances"I said as I grabbed my phone I dialed my mums number "hello" she said "hey mum can you come get me and being me back to Westmea...." He cut me off "NOOO!!" He yelled "back to Westmeath Mullingur " I continued "sure love but it won't be until in a few weeks" she said "it's ok mum take your time" I said 
"Thank you" she said "your welcome I love u bye" I said as I hung up 


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