Don't Let Me Go

"I love you"he said as he rubbed his nose against mine. "I love you two" I giggled................THATS!! What I thought was happening,but in reality that never happens. NEVER!!


9. Chapter 9

"H-Harry" I whispered he stood up "GREAT NOW IM HILOSINATING!!" He yelled and threw his hands up and he continued to walk I slowly walked toward him "Harry" I said a little louder "UGH!!" He yelled "get out get out get out of my head"he said He never gonna turn around I thought "Harry" I said "UGH!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!" He yelled Louis came out of one of the other rooms "dude what are you.." He stopped and looked strait at me I put my finger over my lip signaling not to say anything he shook his head and continued to asked Harry "What are you doing" he asked him "WHAT DOSE IT LOOK LIKE IM DOING IM BEING ANNOYED" Harry yelled "by who or what?" Louis asked "EVERYTHING" Harry yelled "ok,ok dude I'll let you carry on with that" Louis said and left Harry walked into our room and slammed the door making me jump I walked over to the door and knocked on it softly like he knows how I knock "NOT FUNNY LOUIS"he yelled and threw something at the door I could smell something but I wasn't sure what it was I took a deep breath and relized I forgot my favorite perfume here he was spraying it he loved the smell of it I knocked softly again "LOUIS I SWEAR!!" He yelled waiting for a response and when there was no response he said "Louis?" I could here him come to the door and put his hand on the knob

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