Don't Let Me Go

"I love you"he said as he rubbed his nose against mine. "I love you two" I giggled................THATS!! What I thought was happening,but in reality that never happens. NEVER!!


10. black-out

"LOUIS IF YOU DONT MOVE IM GONNA HIT YOU IN THE FACE WITH THIS DOOR!!" He yelled making me jump I backed up a little and the door flew open I closed my eyes not wanting to see his face again "N-Noel" he whispered I just keep my eyes shut thinking that maybe if I don't see him he won't see me "Noel a-are you ok" he said I still didn't talk but I had to look at him so I slowly opened one eye and then the other and I saw him my love with his curly hair,boyish face,his hassle eyes,and his lovely pink lips gosh how I missed him I just wanted to jump into him arms but I stayed calm and didn't do that "Noel talk to me" he said realizing that I still didn't talk I said the first thing that came into my head for an excuse for being here "um I umm...," I said as I scratched the back of my head "I forgot my perfume"I said as I shot my head down to look at my feet and I quickly pushed pass him when I was fully in the room I looked up and saw my perfume on the dresser I quickly grabbed it shoved it in my purse and walked out the front door "Noel wait" I could hear Harry call after me I quickly shut the door and ran to my car I could hear Harry open the door i then slowed down and started to walk I was looking up not paying any attention when I tripped and fell head first onto the rock soled cement i couldn't feel my legs first then my arms and soon my eyes started to roll to the back of my head and that was it I blacked out

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