Notorious Styles

He's known around for his smarts and good grades .She is known for her badass boyfriend ,popularity ,and rich step-father . He went to college early . She's stuck in high school for her senior year . London Rose is failing all her classes . Her step-father got tired of pushing her to do better and hired one of the best tutors at Cheshire University also known as Harry Styles . Being the spoiled brat she is made Harry give up . She really needed his help he couldnt give up now . So Harry gives her another chance but it had to cost her .. if you know what I mean . Will she accept ?


7. Chapt•7

I walked in the school building the next morning and walked into the cafeteria like every morning . I had fun at my party last night but I couldn't get over the guilt I was having . Due to the fact I had to slow dance with Carter and I had Harry on the side just watching me . Daddy Duncan shouldn't have invited him because I remember I never gave him an invite and its my party . 

"I heard you had a birthday party last night Rose . too bad I didn't go I would have made it soo much better " One of the cheerleaders Vivian said with her little assholes in the back . The Cheer squad and the Volleyball team always have had beef .

"You know what thankyou for not coming . I really didn't want the smell of tuna stanking up my 19th year of living " I smiled . She gasped . "Ohhh Lonnndoonn " I heard Brandon and Brianna call "Well bye " Waved running off . 

"Hey what's up guys" I said . "Haaay Mrs.Carter " They said like beyonce "I'm really scared for you guys " I said . They laughed . "That party was the party of the year . I can't believe your dad actually did that for you " Brandon said .

"Well soon I'll be leaving for college .. leaving my Daddy .. and that's gonna be hard for me " I sighed . I've always thought about how Daddy Duncan will take it once I leave for college . I'm the only piece of my mum there is left for him so I don't know . 

"Hey babe " I turned around seeing Carter walking with Louis and some other dude .. Don't know him . "Hi" I squealed . He kissed me . "You know Niall right ?" He asked holding onto my hand "Uh .. No " I shook my head . "Well this is Niall the coaches son and the new member of the team " Carter introduced me .

"Hi nice to meet you I'm London " I smiled holding out my hand . "Hi " He shook my hand and gave a little smile . "So my mom is coming to talk about some wedding plans and what not with your dad so that means me and you have some time to spend together " Carter smirked . "That's disgusting " Niall said .

"Hey ! .. Shh" Carter said . I giggled . Niall just walked over to the table with everyone else "So uh .. How about you meet me at practice tonight then we can go to my house " He bit his lip . "Okay that's cool " I asked . " Alright  .. Mrs.Perez" He smiled . I blushed . He hugged me and kissed me . We turned to the direction of the table and began to walk to everyone else . 


I sat at the top of the bleachers waiting for The guys to get here for practice . I was trying to do my homework and I kept getting phone calls from a blocked number . I finally decided to answer so it would just shut up . 

"What?!" I yelled "Whoa ! she finally answers" I heard Harry's voice . "How the hell did you get my number ?" I asked "So you think you can just leave your phone on the desk and not expect me to go through it .. I can see why you failed " He said .

"What do you want ?"I groaned " I just wanna know where you are .. Your dad told me to come over for tutoring tonight " He said . "I'm spending time with my boyfriend " I explained . "Oh you mean your Fiance ?" He asked sounding a little jealous .

I ignored that part . "Are you seriously that jealous ?" I chuckled . "Why would I be jealous of a weed head like that " Harry said . I sighed " I'm hanging up on you " I said "No wait we are still on for tutoring tomorrow right ?" He asked . "Yes " I groaned . "Okay then bye save my number " He said before I hung up . Why does he have to be a pain in the ass .

I heard taps on the metal seats from below soon after I got off the phone and I started to actually focus on my homework ."Ugh why does this always happen to me " I whispered to myself . I got off the bleachers walking down the steps behind the bleachers "Hey !" I yelled . Some guy with a bunch of tattoos turned around like nothing was wrong  .

"I'm trying to do focus up there and your throwing fucking rocks !" I yelled . "Sorry see--" I cut him off "I didn't ask for your fucking life story I asked for you to shut the fuck up !" I yelled again . "WELL SHIT STOP YELLING AND LET ME EXPLAIN !!" He screamed back .

I got quiet . whoaaa . "That wasn't me that was my friends .. I wanted to say sorry we didn't mean to disturb you " He explained . "Oh .. Okay .. well .. thanks " I mumbled slowly walking back up the stairs . That was weird . He was weird .. "Babe we're here!" I heard carter yell . FINALLY!! . I gathered my stuff and began to walk out the bleachers .

I passed that guy on the way to the field . Why was he standing there ? I don't know .. Should I be alarmed .. I don't think so :3


   I've been gone for a while ... now I'm back ... :D


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