Notorious Styles

He's known around for his smarts and good grades .She is known for her badass boyfriend ,popularity ,and rich step-father . He went to college early . She's stuck in high school for her senior year . London Rose is failing all her classes . Her step-father got tired of pushing her to do better and hired one of the best tutors at Cheshire University also known as Harry Styles . Being the spoiled brat she is made Harry give up . She really needed his help he couldnt give up now . So Harry gives her another chance but it had to cost her .. if you know what I mean . Will she accept ?


5. Chapt•5

They were losing epicly . The score was terrible and all the best players weren't doing so good . I watched as Carter was kicking the ball to the goal through the people blocking his way . "Go Carter!!" I yelled he looked over my way getting distracted and got kicked over by the others teams number 7 . The whistle blew signaling there was a player down . 

"Daddy Carter is hurt " I whined . "Okay every things okay come on sweets . " He jumped up from his seat and we started running onto the field . 

"You guys can't be over here " The reff said . "I'm assistant coach " My dad said "And in his girlfriend move " I said and pushed the irrelevant people out the way . "Baby it hurts !!" He screamed . "Calm down son London help carry him over to the bench " I grabbed Carters arm and Daddy Duncan grabbed the other lifting him up he started to limp over to the bench . 

I sat next to Carter Rubbing ice on his now broken ankle . He sighed "Babe I know you're dissapointed " He shook his head ."No I'm not .. why are you so distracted ?" I asked him . "A lot has been on my mind since our moment in your bedroom .. and I really -" he cuts himself off . "Really.. what?" . Before he could say anything Daddy Duncan walked up . "How's the ankle .. She's taking care of you right ?" He asked . "Yes sir its fine " He nodded . "London go get some gatorades for the team and us its alomst haft time " He handed me a 50 dollar bill . I nodded and slowly walked away . 

(Carter's Point Of View)

I didn't wanna tell her what I've been thinking about . She might disagree . She might Say no . These 2 things I'm thinking about might not be that appropriate for people our age . 

" Really .. What ?" She asked . Before anything came out her dad walked up to us . "How's the ankle .. She's taking care of you right ?" He asked . I nodded "Yes sir its fine " I mumbled . "London go get some gatorades for the team its almost haftime " He handed her 50 dollars and she took it slowly walking away . 

I sat there playing with my nails thinking about her .I love her . Even through the secrets I'm keeping from her I love her . Only her . 

"Mr . Rose ... Can I ask you something ?" I asked looking down . "Sure Son what's up " he smiled . "Um .. I wanna show you Londons birthday present its uh .. " I said looking through my track pants pocket . "Okay " He nodded . I found the little navy box and I gave it to him . He looked at me and then back at he box . He opened it looking at the crystal engagement ring 

"So .. you're question is .." he closed his eyes . "Can I marry her ?" I looked down again . He patted my shouder . "Be careful with my little girl .. Seeing her mum get killed by her real dad .. its not something a 10 year old shouldn't have expirenced . If you break her heart .. shes gone .. right along with her mother " He said with shaking his head . I nodded . He handed me the ring back and walked off pulling out a cigarette and a lighter . I just sighed . Should I do this ? Maybe I'm not thinking right myself . I still love her . I put the ring back in my pocket pulling out my phone . 


(London's Point Of View )

The point of view will change a lot when it gets to the middle . 


-the following friday- 

My eyes opened and I screamed really loud . I jumped off my bed onto my couch and just jumped and screamed . Yes you guessed it today is my motherfucking birthday!!!! . I'm finally 19 no questions asked this day is gonna be fucking perfect . Not only am I having a badass party tonight but I get to spend the first few hours with the best boyfriend in the world . I'm not going to school all my friends are skipping to get ready for the party .

I went to my closet pulled out my tan jeans with studs on them , My black and white Nike hoodie and black socks . I went to my bathroom and pulled out my hair dye kit I bought .

It took me a while to do that but after I put the hair dye in  I got in the shower washed ny hair and stuff and once I got out my hair was all red . I brushed my teeth and blowdried and straightened my hair and then I put my clothes on and put a red black and white beanie on . 

I ran downstairs to Daddy Duncan and Carter . "There's my young woman . Happy birthday sweetheart " He hugged me . "Thank you Daddy " I hugged back . I realeased and turned to Carter  . " Happy birthday baby " he smiled . I kissed him and hugged him "Thank you " I smiled . 

Daddy Duncan sighed "Well you guys should get going so I can get the party ready before tonight .." He smiled  "Yes sir " Carter nodded . "Okay well have good time "  He said and walked away . Me and Carter just shrugged and left .

He took me shopping for the party and just in general . We were the cutest couple in the mall of course matching clothes .. matching everything . I got my nose pierced which hurt like hell and I got my hair done and stuff it was fun .  "Thank you Carter-Bear " I hugged him "Youre welcome cutie pie  .. Hey um I wanna take you somewhere come with me . " he tooked my hand and dragged me along "Okayy!!" I screamed . 

40 minutes later we ended up at our old middle school where we first me each other . We both got out the car and he took my hand . " You remembered the spot we met at " I smiled . He nodded . "Um .. We're here because there is something I wanna ask you " He took both of my hands . I nodded " When I met you I this very spot .. we were just 2 badass little kids enjoying life . You haven't changed at all you are still Care free , smart , and the most beautifulest person I have ever met . " He rubs his thumbs against my skin . 

"I asked you out here , I had our first kiss here , we spent our first aniversary here but now ... " He got on one knee . My jaw hit the floor . "I'm asking you to marry me " He held out a ring . I nodded saying yes and he put the ring on my finger . I jumped up and hugged him and he spinned me around . "I love you " he said . "I love you too " I said and kissed him .



How is that for a Larter moment lol .



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