The Teacher and the Student

Lena Ruthford was the most popular girl in school. Everyone loved her. Lena was in love with one person, her math teacher, Ezra Matthews. One thing leads to another and her life changes in one moment. But what would that change be?

This story is probably really crappy because I wrote it a long time ago, but I thought I would put it on here and continue with it.


7. Chapter Seven

It was about 11:30 in the afternoon and Lena woke up to her phone going off. Ezra had texted her.

The text said I have been thinking about you all night. What time do you want to hang out today?

Lena told him around 2:30 and asked what they were going to do.

Ezra responded that it was a surprise.

Lena was so excited that she couldn’t go back to sleep so she went into Trista’s bathroom and took a shower. While she was in the shower she heard a knock at the door.

“Come in.” Lena said.

“Hey it’s me,” Cassie said “Why are you up so early?”

“Well it’s not really all that early. It’s 11:30. Also, Ezra texted me and were going to see each other at 2:30 and I got excited and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I just got up and took a shower.” Lena told her.

“That is cool. That you’re hanging out with him I mean. You’re so lucky to have Mr. Matthews. He is so hot and awesome.” Cassie said.

“Hey now, I don’t want you to talk about my man like that.” Lena said giggling.

“Wow, whatever Lena! I don’t even like him in that way. I was just joking around. Maybe.” Said Cassie.

“Hey could you hand me the towel?” Asked Lena.

“Yeah, here.” Cassie said.

“Thanks.” She said.

“I’ll get out so you can get ready.” Cassie told her.

Cassie walked out and shut the door. Lena blow dried her hair. It felt so good. The warmth up against her skin. It made her remember Ezra rapping his arms around her and the way she felt in his arms. I can’t wait to be with him again. She then put her hair threw the curling iron and made her hair all cute and wavy. By then it was 1:30. So she put on some light pink make up that made her face glow. Put on some tight new jeans, a tank top, and white cardigan to go over it and walked out of the bathroom.

“Wow you look cute.” The girls told her.

“Someone got a hot date with a hot math teacher?” Asked Lizzie.

“So funny Lizzie. But yes I do thank you very much. I actually should get going.” Lena said.

“Bye teacher’s pet. Call us when you get home.” The girls said.

“Wow okay you guys” Lena said.

 She picked up a pillow and threw it at them and left the house. She took her phone out of her purse and texted Ezra that she was on her way.

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