Three Direction

Autumn, Megan, and Lily are three different girls from three different worlds. What happens if they meet up one day? When three worlds collide? What if one day they met the worlds biggest boy band and some romance starts?


6. I won

I decided to enter this contest to win a free trip to England, even though I will probably never win it, it's just always been a dream of mine to go. *next morning*

I finally decided to wake up and get my day started. I go downstairs and started making some toast as I wait for the toast to be done I turn on the tv to see who the lucky winner is for the trip to England, "and the lucky numbers are 7 4 3 8 0 2" the man says on the tv. "OH MY GOD I WON! I WON THE TRIP TO ENGLAND!" "Oh my god I have to call my mom" *phone rings* *mom picks up* "hello?" "MOM I WON A TRIP TO ENGLAND" "oh how fun! When are you going? " tomorrow!" " yay I'm so happy for you!" "Well I'll talk to you later sweetie" "ok mom love you bye" "bye" Ahhh I can't believe I'm going to England

*Later that week*

It's about 2 more mins till my plane takes off, ahhhh I can't believe I'm going to England it has always been my dream to go there. I've also heard that a band named one direction are going to be Preforming at one of the stadiums there in London so I might as well go tot that since I'm going there.

*after the plane ride and at the hotel*

" yeah I made it here safe, the hotel room is nice"

"Oh that's good sweetie I hope you have a good time"

" oh I will, I'm just about to buy some tickets for this band One Direction"

"Oh well I hope their good"

"Oh they are I just listened to some of there music, I'll call you later tonight"

"Ok bye honey"

" bye mom"

So tomorrow I'm going to this concert, I actually got pretty good seats second row and in the middle, I can't wait to go.


Sorry it's not very good

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