Three Direction

Autumn, Megan, and Lily are three different girls from three different worlds. What happens if they meet up one day? When three worlds collide? What if one day they met the worlds biggest boy band and some romance starts?


4. Finally leaving


"Dad" I call from the couch.

"What"My dad yells from the basement.

"I'm hungry"

"Make yourself a sandwich, you 19 years old for gods sake"

I groan and lay back. Did I mention I'm lazy.

I know what your probably thinking, why are you living with your parents at 19. Well I'm not. Actually, I'm moving to London for an amazing Hair and makeup opportunity. I'm heading there in an hour. My mom doesn't know yet but I don't think she's be upset. It's not like she has time for Nick and I anymore. Our younger sister Clara has had bone cancer since she was 5. She's been battling it for 4 years so my mom has always been with her for the past ten years.

I was home for the holidays but the interview is New Year's Eve, which by the way is Tommorow. I've spent the whole day packing back up, it's exhausting. I guess it's time to go. I sigh and walk to my mother and Clara.

"Mom, can we talk?" I ask. "Yeah sure Hun, just make it quick" She says looking at me with full interest. Of course. "There is this job in London and it's an amazing opportunity, so I was going to go interview for it" I say anxiously. "When do you leave?" She asks. "That's the next part, can you drive me to the airport now?" I ask. "This is so unexpected!" She says sadly. "But sure, say goodbye to everyone."




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