Orange Murderer

There has been twenty-two different deaths. Each one different from the last except for one factor. There is ALWAYS orange peels at the scene of the crime.

Whoever is killing people is now known as 'The Orange Murderer' but who exactly is this horrible person, cutting these people's lives short?

However, the victim never has a clean record. Whether it's drugs to prostitution it's almost like the killer is cleaning up the streets. But what makes the murderer go after innocent Niall?


4. Chapter 3

Niall   I stumbled home drunkenly with the help of Zayn while Liam and Harry took Zayn's car. Zayn ended up having to stay with my drunk ass because Liam and Harry wanted to go home and fuck. I swear that's all they ever do. I collapsed onto my couch and pushed my face into one of the ugly orange throw pillows.   "So, you just going to sleep there?" Zayn asked. "Yep." I mumbled. "I'll be chilling in the guest room. Night Nialler." He spoke. "Nighty night, Zaynie!" Wow, I am drunk aren't I?   Zayn walked down the hall and to the guest room while I sighed into the pillow. I kicked my shoes off, which was incredibly hard because I was so drunk and wasn't using my hands. Once the shoes were gone I started to doze off.   As my mind was shutting off a certain blue eyed guy named Louis popped into my head. Did I seriously make out with him? Yes, yes you did Niall. That little voice said inside my head. Oh shit.   I'M SUCH A WHORE! No, I'm not a whore. I'm a sexy Irish motherfucker. Ew. I do not fuck mothers. God Niall, just go to sleep. I stopped mentally yelling at myself and let sleep finally take over.   Louis (Sorry for the POV changing)    Niall walked away from me and over to his group of friends. Did we actually just make out? My lips were swollen and my hair was everywhere. Yup, we made out.   I watched the little blond stumble out clinging onto a boy with dark hair and a leather jacket on. I felt jealousy surge through me at how he had his arm wrapped around Niall protectively.   He's not yours, Louis. Calm down.  I told myself and went to get another drink. I downed it quickly but I felt sober all of a sudden. Ugh. Why can't I still be drunk and having fun? Because you made out with Niall and he just left you. Yep, pretty much.   The loud pounding music was starting to hurt my head and some girl was grinding all over me. Ew, girls. Yeah, I'm gay if you can't fucking tell. I pushed the brunette away from me and headed towards the exit.   I walked out of the club and was hit with cold air. Damn, I really should've brought a jacket. I stuck my hands in the pockets of my jeans and began walking to my flat.   By the time I got their I was freezing my ass off because of this damn wind. I unlocked the door and stepped in. The flat was completely dark so I guess my roommate was out. I kicked my shoes off and trudged towards my bedroom.   I shut the door and stripped down to my boxers and slumped onto the bed. I laid on my back and stared at the ceiling. Niall flashed into my head and I felt a stupid smile spread across my face. Then that guy who had his arm wrapped around Niall popped into my head.   They were probably together. No, if he had a boyfriend he wouldn't have made out with me. He was drunk, Louis. It was just the alcohol. Dammit. I couldn't remember if he said he was single or not. "Mother fucker." I grumbled quietly.   Niall couldn't have a boyfriend. He couldn't have a boyfriend because I wanted him and I always get what I want. If I can't have Niall than nobody can.   Niall's POV (I am very sorry for switching point of views twice!)    I woke up with two problems. One, a major head ache, and two, a problem downstairs. If you know what I mean. Let's just say I had a rather interesting dream about Louis. "Fuck!" I groaned and rolled over onto my stomach. "Niall! Are you awake?" I heard Zayn call from somewhere.   I groaned loudly as my brain began to pound against my skull. "Do you want some eggs?" Zayn asked, his voice not as loud. "Sure!" I grumbled loudly. I heard shuffling and the fridge opening. My small problem was slowly going away and I decided to stand up.   Big mistake. My head spun and I dropped back to the couch. I grabbed my head and counted to ten before standing up and stumbling towards the kitchen. I slid into a chair and rested my head on the table. "Hang over?" Zayn asked, looking at me over his shoulder.   "Yup." I grumbled and Zayn set a bottle of aspirin in front of me then a glass of water. "Thanks." I grumbled and popped the lid off the bottle. I shook two of the pills out and swallowed them quickly with the water. I shook my head and groaned as the pounding got worse.   "Liam called your manger saying you got sick so you don't have to go to work today." Zayn said a plate of eggs in front of me. "I'll have to thank Liam for that." I muttered and stabbed a piece of egg with a fork and slowly chewed on it.   Zayn's phone beeped and he groaned. He pulled his phone out and tapped on it quickly. "I have to go. Josh locked himself out of the flat." Zayn grumbled. "Okay. I'll just text Liam and Harry and see if they want to come over." I mumbled and shoved more egg into my mouth.   "Okay. Bye Nialler." Zayn said and walked out. I heard the door shut and continued to shove the eggs into my face. Once I had finished the eggs, I left the plate on the table and shuffled back into the living room and onto the couch. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and turned it on.   I found Liam's contact and decided on texting him sine my headache wouldn't go away and kept getting worse and worse.   To Liam:   Hey Li, can you and Harry come over?    I set the phone down and shut my eyes. My phone vibrated rather loudly which made the headache get worse.   From Liam:   Sure, we'll be there in 5   To Liam:    K. See you then.   I then shut my phone off, not wanting it to go off loudly and possibly cause my head to explode. Five minutes later Harry and Liam were walking through my front door with someone I didn't know. "Hey Nialler. This is Logan, we were friends back in Wolverhampton." Liam said.   Logan sat in the only chair in the living room and Liam and Harry sat on the loveseat. "Hi, I'm Niall Horan." I said looking at Logan. "Logan Lerman." He said with a cute little smirk. "Liam has told me quite a bit about you." He said and smirked at Liam.   "Guess I don't even have to introduce myself." I joked. Liam whispered something into Harry's ear and he nodded, agreeing with Liam. I ignored them and continued to talk to Logan. I don't know how long we had all been sitting there talking, but Harry's phone ringing caused us to all stop talking.   "What do you want Gemma?" Harry snapped into the phone. "What do you mean she's having another break down?" Harry asked, worry filling his tone. "Okay okay. I'll get there as fast as I can." Harry said and stood up. "My mum's having a mental break down again. I have to go." Harry said, slipping his phone back into his pocket.   Harry walked towards my front door, followed by Liam. After a few minutes I heard the door shut and Liam came back in, a sad look on his face. We all awkwardly sat there in silence and my knee started to bounce. "I think I'm going to head back to my flat." Liam said and looked over at Logan. "I'm sure Niall won't mind me staying." Logan said and looked over at me.   "Yeah, Logan and I can just chill today." I said. "Okay. I'll call you later. Bye." And with that Liam walked out of the room and out of my flat. "What was Harry talking about? His mom is having a mental break down?" Logan asked once Liam was gone.   "His mum has acute paranoia. It gets really bad sometimes." I sighed. "Damn. That must sucks." Logan said a bit awkwardly. "Lets go do something. It's not a very happy topic and it makes me sad to think about it so lets go to the park." I said quickly.   "Sure. Lets go." Logan said and we both ran out to my car. Luckily, my hangover wasn't as bad and the headache was gone. A few minutes later we got to the park and ran towards the little koi pond.   "Look at the huge ass fishy! It's bigger than me!" I exclaimed, pointing at a huge koi fish. "Holy shit, it is!" Logan laughed. "Will you two watch your language! There a children here!" A very large middle aged woman shouted at us. "Sorry." Logan said sarcastically.   "Excuse me!" She snapped. "Did I say something rude?" Josh asked, his voice full of sarcasm. I stifled a laugh and she glared at me. "Don't be so disrespectful!" She snapped loudly.   "What are you going to do? Eat me?" Logan smirked. The woman's face began to turn red. "RUN!" Logan screamed and shoved me. Logan and I took off running across the park as the woman and her four kids chased after us.   We eventually out ran them and were panting like crazy. "Well... that...was... an adventure." Logan smirked between pants. "We should... piss off strangers... more often!" I joked, my breathing still heavy. I sat down next to Logan and look around the park.   I spotted a familiar looking person with brown hair and red chinos on. I was hoping it wasn't Louis but then again I was. My thoughts were confirmed when he turned around and spotted Logan and I. He then turned to a guy standing next to him and said something, pointing over to me.   What the hell?
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