Orange Murderer

There has been twenty-two different deaths. Each one different from the last except for one factor. There is ALWAYS orange peels at the scene of the crime.

Whoever is killing people is now known as 'The Orange Murderer' but who exactly is this horrible person, cutting these people's lives short?

However, the victim never has a clean record. Whether it's drugs to prostitution it's almost like the killer is cleaning up the streets. But what makes the murderer go after innocent Niall?


3. Chapter 2

Niall's POV   Zayn pulled up about a block away from the club because there was no where to park. "Why the hell is it so busy?" I asked getting out of the car. "Because it's the weekend and people like to party, Niall. That's why." Harry said poking my nose. I swatted his hand away and he just laughed at me.   "Calm your dick, Niall." Harry laughed. "Calm my dick?" I asked confused. "Well, you don't have tits so I can't exactly say calm your tits. Although I could say-" Harry rambled on but Liam cut him off. "We really don't care lets go get drunk." Liam said and started dragging Harry towards the car.   "Five pounds says Liam gets white girl wasted." Zayn bet. "You're on." I said shaking his hand. Zayn and I made our way into the very packed club and almost immediately some girl came up to Zayn and started flirting with him. Zayn sent me a look that said 'I'm-so-getting-laid-tonight' and I couldn't help but smirk as the girl dragged him off.   I pushed my way through the dancing drunk people looking for Liam and Harry. "Hey, you're cute." Some girl slurred grabbing onto my arm. I tried to just walk away but this girl had a death grip on my arm. "So, do you want to make out?" She slurred and leaned on me. "I'm gay. Bye!" I exclaimed and ran from the girl.   I spotted Liam and Harry sucking face at the bar and groaned. I sat next to them on one of the stools and put my head down on the bar. "Hey, can I get you something?" The bartender asked. I looked up at him and too be honest he was pretty cute. He had dirty blond hair and green eyes. "No thanks." I muttered. He shot me a small smile and walked off. Weirdo.   Ugh, I hate being here right now. Liam and Harry are gone now, probably having sex in the bathroom. Zayn disappeared and I have a major headache. Maybe  I should just get drunk. The bartender came back over and stood in front of me. "So, do you want a drink?" He asked. "I don't care what it is as long as its alcohol." I said. He nodded and went to get it.   He placed the drink in front of me and I thanked him. "It's on me. You're pretty cute." He said winking at me before walking off. I felt my face heat up and I took a drink. I turned around and started looking for someone I knew. Yep, I can't find any of them. Fantastic.   "Hey. Are you here by yourself?" A voice asked next to me. I turned around to see the guy from the bar and my eyes widened. I shook it off and answered him. "Pretty much." I muttered and took another drink.   "Let me guess, you just got dumped and your friends thought it would be a smart idea to drag you to a club and then they ditched you?" He smirked. "Nope. My friends ditched me but I haven't been with anyone for the past three years. Woohoo." I muttered bitterly.   "I'm Louis." He said smiling at me. He had really nice blue eyes that I wanted to stare into forever. "Niall." I said and awkwardly looked away from him. "Nice name." He joked. "So, are you here by yourself?" I questioned. He nodded and downed whatever he was drinking. "I just feel like getting shit faced and I feel like I know you." He said. "I don't think I've ever met you." I spoke turning to face him completely now.   "You're the guy from that bar that gave me a drink." He said. "Oh yeah." I said as if I didn't remember. "Care to dance?" He asked, a smirk on his face. "Why the hell not." I said and knocked back the rest of my drink. I set the glass on the bar as Louis pulled me into the crowd.   "This is a bit awkward." I joked as Louis and I just stood there. "I think we need to be a bit more drunk." Louis smiled. "Agreed!" I exclaimed and we raced back to the bar.   I lost count after about ten shots and everything was becoming extremely interesting to me. Louis and I kept downing shots like crazy and laughing our asses off over nothing. "I tink we are drunk enurf now." Louis slurred. I started laughing at him when he fell off the stool. I helped him up, but almost fell because I'm completely and totally drunk.   "Lets go dance!" I exclaimed, my Irish accent so think I could hardly understand myself. Louis and I made our way to the dance floor and began dancing. We ended up dancing with random people and one guy smacked my ass. After enough grinding and dancing with strangers Louis and I were doing some drunk version of the macernea. A bunch of people had made a circle around us and were cheering us on.   Louis then dragged me away and towards a wall. "I can't remember my name." Louis said leaning against the wall. "You're Niall and I'm Louis. Wait that's wrong...." Yep, I'm that drunk. "Hi there I'm Louis Tomlinson." Louis said randomly. "And I'm Niall Horan and we should be best friends!" Wow, I sound like a drunk teenage girl.   "Man, I love you. Like you're like my brother... from another mother." Louis said leaning on me. "I love you too bro. We are... we are whatever you said." I laughed. Louis and I busted up laughing and we couldn't seem to stop.   We calmed down and just fell into silence. I looked over at Louis and he was staring at the ceiling. "Dude..." I slurred. "We should make out." Louis randomly said looking at me. "Okay." I said not really caring very much. Louis is hot and I'm drunk.   Louis had me pinned to the wall and pressed up against me. He slammed his lips to mine and I gasped. He slipped his tongue inside and in my drunken state I didn't even care. I let him win and his tongue was exploring my mouth.   "NIALL!" That sounded like Liam. "NIALL WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!" That sounded like Harry. "NIALL!" And that one sounds like Zayn. I pulled away from Louis and he groaned. I looked around to see Liam, Harry, and Zayn standing at the bar. "What?" Louis asked. "I got to go. Bye." I said and slipped away from Louis. I made my way over to Liam, Harry and Zayn and tripped on the way there.   "Niall! Where the hell were you." Liam exclaimed when I got over there. "Well, you all ditched me so I got drunk." I slurred. "What happened to your hair?" Zayn asked. "I was... well... what was I doing?" I muttered. "Oh I was making out with this guy named Louis." I said nonchanltly. "Lets go. You are so trashed." Harry said. I nodded my head and Zayn slung his arm around my shoulder and led me out of the club.

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