Orange Murderer

There has been twenty-two different deaths. Each one different from the last except for one factor. There is ALWAYS orange peels at the scene of the crime.

Whoever is killing people is now known as 'The Orange Murderer' but who exactly is this horrible person, cutting these people's lives short?

However, the victim never has a clean record. Whether it's drugs to prostitution it's almost like the killer is cleaning up the streets. But what makes the murderer go after innocent Niall?


2. Chapter 1

Chapter One: Charlotte Kelly was walking to her car in the parking garage. Nobody was around since she had stayed late because of paperwork. She felt as if someone was watching her and constantly looked over her shoulder. The clicking of her heels only made her more afraid. It was almost two in the morning and she is in a bad neighbor hood.   She heard footsteps behind her and stopped. She slowly turned around,terrified as to what she might see. When she turned she saw nothing out of the ordinary.     "Dammit."she swore to herself.     "Why did I park in the bottom floor like an idiot?"she mumbled to her self. She made her way down the stairs to the bottom floor. Being extremely claustrophobic being three floors under ground made her uneasy.   She heard footsteps and her breath hitched.     "Hello. Is someone down here?" She called out. Hearing nothing she continued walking towards her car.   She heard footsteps again. They were closer. Almost as if right behind her.     "Hello?" She called out. "If this is a joke it's not very funny." She heard footsteps from behind her and turned around.     "Blake. I swear if this is you I'm going to kick your ass." She called out. Hoping Blake would jump out from somewhere and yell 'gotcha!'   She heard the footsteps again and she wasn't dealing with this anymore.     She turned around and walked towards her car at the end of the lot. Ignoring the footsteps. When she reached her car she heard a voice.     "Charlotte.....your past is catching up with you."     "Who's there?"     "Charlotte....or should I say Samantha?" Nobody knew about her true identity. Samantha was dead.     "It's time to pay for what you've done." The voice was right behind her. She was about to scream when a hand clamped down on her mouth. She felt something cold on her neck and screamed into the attackers hand.     "Screaming won't do you any good, now will it?" The assailant asked in a overly kind tone.     She felt tears streaming down her face and sobbed.     "Crying isn't going to save you, bitch."   The attacker pressed the knife harder into Charlotte's throat. With a quick flick of his wrist Charlotte's life was slipping away.     He let her go and she fell to the ground. She clutched at her throat but the man kneeled down. He tied her hands together and left her to bleed to death. Before walking away he pulled a few orange peels out of his pocket and placed them under her car.     By the time the man had left the parking garage Charlotte was dead. Nobody found her body until the next morning.     The Orange Murderer has struck again.       ------------------------------------   "Damn. That murderer killed the hot chick from the news." A man with raven hair said to his blonde friend. The blonde wiped at the bar and sighed.     "When are they going to catch the guy already?"he grumbled.  "They might never catch him, Niall."the man with black hair said.  "Guess so, Zayn. Guess so." Niall mumbled.   The pub was empty. A few homeless looking men at one table. Niall hated his job as a bar tender. It was one of the most boring things ever on slow nights and the hardest on busy nights. As he wiped down the counter he heard the little bell. Meaning someone had come in. He looked up to see his friends Liam and Harry.     "What are you guys doing here?" Zayn asked.  "Well we were bored and felt like hanging with you people."Harry joked.  "What time do you get off work, Niall?"Liam asked. Niall looked up at the clock.     12:34 A.   "Half an hour." Niall muttered. Harry and Liam sat on the bar stools next to Zayn. Niall tossed the wet dish cloth into a bucket,not really caring what bucket.  "So did you guys hear about the news lady?" Harry asked.  "Yeah. Too bad. She was hot."Zayn mumbled.     "Gross."Liam said. Liam and Harry are together and have been for a few years now. Zayn is straight as an arrow but terrible with the ladies. And well me? I don't know. I haven't had a date or a girlfriend in about three years. The ladies don't seem to like my Irish charm. But hey maybe guys will.   A ding brought me out of my thoughts and I looked up to see a man walk in. He had feathery brown hair, bright blue eyes and a striped shirt with red jeans. His outfit screamed 'IM GAY' He sat at the end of the counter and a walked over to service him.  "Can I get ya anything?" I asked.     "Anything to make me drunk enough to forget my name." The man said.  "Sure thing." I handed the man his drink and the man nodded.  "So Niall. We should party." Harry said.  "It's 12 in the morning and you want to party?" Liam asked.     "Anytime is a good time to party!" Harry joked.  "I would but I'm stuck here till one." Niall grumbled.  "The guy at the end is hot." Harry mumbled. Liam hit his arm and gave him a dirty look.  "Admit it. You were checking him out too." Harry said. Liam's face turned red and he mumbled 'no I wasn't.'  "He is pretty hot."Zayn muttered. Taking a drink from his glass.     The three boys sat there gawking at their friend.  "Are gay now?" Liam asked.  "Hell no! I'm as straight as it gets but....Niall you're drooling." Zayn laughed. I hadn't even realized he was staring at the man at the end of the bar. He had is head in his hands and hadn't touched his drink.     "I wasn't." I said. Looking away from him.  "Just go talk to him." Zayn said.  "I'm straight though!"  "You're about as straight as a circle." Liam joked.  "Look who's talking gay boy." I shot back.  "He's my gay boy!" Harry yelled,snuggling into Liam's side.  "Fine. Ill go talk to him. But just to prove I'm not gay,I'm going to talk about football."  I joked. "Whatever gay boy."Zayn muttered.  "Hey. I give you assholes free drinks."     "It's because you love us!" Harry said in an overly gay tone. Niall looked down the bar to see the man was gone. The money left by a now empty glass.  "Dammit. He'a gone. Niall could have got a boyfriend." Harry said frowning.  "C'mon Hazza. Lets go party!" Liam shouted. They were the only people left in the bar.  "Don't leave me!" I shouted.     "Just close up early, Niall. It's like the place is booming with business right now." The three walked out as I shut the lights off. I grabbed his jacket and keys and walked out. I was walking to Zayn's car when I heard footsteps behind him. I turned around to see nobody behind me.      Weird, I thought. I ran up to Zayn's car and hopped in the front seat. Zayn backed out and we headed towards the only open club at one in the morning.    
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