The bad boy and me

Hey guys info is on the first page please read I hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5. chapter4

Dylans pov

I was walking down the hall to my second class when this small little blonde nerd bumps into me "WATCH IT!!!" I scream and the next thing surprised me and the rest of the people in the hall

"Look you big jack ass. I don't have time for this or you for example so why don't you move you big fat ass and keep it out of my way!!!!!!" Screamed the little blonde nerd in front of me. I was so shocked I couldn't move. I smiled at her with my cocky smile and pushed her against the hall wall "yeah and what are you gonna do make me??" I said and saw her blush by how close our faces were. I thought wow she actually looks really cute. She looks down then up again and says "can you please let me go I have to get to class" I let her go and watch her fast walk to her next class as I look around the hall way I see no one so I go out back to smoke a cigarette, Light it and think. That cute little shorty is really something I'm 6 foot she is probably 5'2 she looks so small and fragile. But yet she doesn't. I think I have a crush on the cute new shorty. And I'm gonna make her mine.

While walking to class I think maybe I should just ditch but then again if I do I wind be able to graduate this year so might as well I'm bored anyway... I walk into class and the teacher makes a smart ass comment to me I just flipped him off like I usually do when I see the new nerdy girl oh this is gonna be really fun;).

I see a nerdy guy behind her and tell him that's my seat her runs away scared out of his mind.. Pathetic I sit down and look up and my angle is looking at me... Angle did I just say that oh well she's perfect and I'll make her mine. She gives me this glare that looks really sexy on her... I give her my cocky grin and send her a fake kiss. She mouths to me 'in your dreams' i mouth back 'see you there' she scoffs and looks back at the teacher. This is now my favorite class.

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