The bad boy and me

Hey guys info is on the first page please read I hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3. chapter 3

I'm in the car listening to my favorite song of the day shark in the water ( if you don't know this song check it out it rocks!!!!!). I pull up to this huge building 'is this really the school' I thought. I get out of my car slowly and stare at my feet like they are the most awesomeness this in the world (sorry I just really like the word awesome) while I walk up the the office.

"Hello" the lady behind the front desk says.

I look up at her and tell her my name and that I'm a new student. She gives me my schedule with a smile and tell me "hurry up you'll be late for your first period" and that's what I do. But first I have to go to my locker and get it all set up.

When that's all don't I take a deep breath and walk to my first period.

"Well hello" says the male behind the desk "you must be our new student"

I look at the classroom and smile a shy smile and nod my hear " just sit were you like " he said

I sat near this boy in the back with really geeky glasses "hi" I said he said hello back and we start to write what the teacher is writing on the board.

While it feels like hours we have been in here the bell finally rings and it's time for second period. I walk out the class last while kids are swarming around me to get to their next class. I keep walking with my head down and bump into someone "WATCH IT!!!" Said a rude mean voice while I pick up my books. I don't know what happens with me but all the rage in me just burst! " look you big jack ass. I don't have time for this or you for example so why don't you just move you're big fat ass out of my way and make it stay out of my way!!!!!!" I scream he looks at me and well every one in the hall looks at me with shocked faces 'ooops' I think

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