The bad boy and me

Hey guys info is on the first page please read I hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2. chapter 2

"WAKE UP SAM YOUR GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yelled my mother waking me up from my deep sleep. Hi, my name is sam as you can tell from my mother screaming at me to wake up well today is my first day of school. And well I shouldn't be nervous I mean I've been to five different schools this year. You see my parents move around a lot. The first time we moved was a big let down I had to leave all my friends. After that it was just a thing we did, when ever they said 'hey Sam were moving again' I would just walk up to my room and pack all my close to get ready to move. I don't really care anymore and well sadly never really made friends seance we never stayed in more than two months in one house.

By now I'm all ready for my first day in hell ( school ) I walk down to the kitchen and see my mom cooking breakfast and dad is sitting and reading his newspaper. I know what your thinking who reads newspapers now??? Well my dad sadly. "Hey sambie" that's what my dad called me because ever seance I was a kid I would always do this sad face that my dad said looked just like Bambi so he calls me sambie. I hate it. "Hey dad" I say and sit down eating mom awesome food. "Sam are you excited for your first day of school?" My mom asked me kissing my dad on the cheek before sitting down right next to him. "Sure why not just another day in hell if you ask me" I mumble.

"What was that sweaty sorry I didn't hear you?" Mom said.

" oh what nothing I was just saying that...I'm umm... Really... Excited to be going to a new school?" I said

"Good" my mom said. See my mom and dad are really busy so they don't really pay attention to me. "Well I should get going wouldn't want to be late for my first day." I say. My parents just nod and say goodbye while I walk out the front door to my black jeep and drive to school.

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