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Livie a girl who goes see see her mom for the winterbreak and her birthday. What she didn't know is that she would be falling in love with her moms boyfriend's 'sons' fast and that she would would be meeting YouTube sensations Connor franta and JC caylen


7. were am i and weres my mum

          Livie's POV

   When i woke up I had a bunch of tubes stuck in my arms and patches on my chest. " were am I and series my mum." I looked at JC and Connor and said. 

  " she hasnt come her and your in the hospital." Connor said. I had cottonmouth like a mother fucker. I went to reach for a cup that had water in it and I ended up almost ripping my IV out of my arm. JC told me to hold on that he would get it for me. The water slid down my throat and it tasted funny I guess because of the medications they gave me.I looked at JC and Connor and it looked like they had been crying. I pushed the control on the bed that made it sit up. I JC and Connors hands that were on my bed side and rubbed my thums over them. I leaned up and gave JC a peck on the lips and I gave Connor a hug. I looked at them and a tear fell down my cheek and it tore me apart from the inside out that I would have to leave in a couple of days. My mum came running in along with Austin and Ricky. I let go of JC and Connors hands and went and hugged my mum. The few tears that were dripping down my cheeks turned into a full on sob. I couldn't even think about leaving everyone right know. The doctor walked in and said I was lucky that I had friends with me or I would have never made it back to the house before my athsma attack would have almost kill me.

   -skip to me at home-

Tomorrow was Christmas and I still hadn't anyone anything so I decided to go to the mall with JC to go and get stuff. I hoped in the car and closed the door while JC got in too. He pulled out of the parking lot and started driving to the mall. I put my hand on JC knee and he looked at me with wide eyes. I moved my hand up is thigh about four inches away from his knee and his eyes got bigger." What are you trying to do to me." He asked I shrugged and moved my hand. We got to the mall and he parked the car in a abandoned parking lot with absolutely no one in it. I put my hand back on hi thigh and moved it up and down slowly. He looked back up and his eyes were wide again. I hopped in the back of the Honda Santa fa and played down the seat and gave him the sun viser to put over the window and the pull down sun visers for the little windows and played down in the back of the car. He put those up and climbed back there with me and hovered above me" I love you" he said and leaned down and gave me a kiss like he was afraid to make a mistake. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pushed him down on the back of the seats. I leaned down and kissed him and reached down and palmed him. He moaned against my lips I giggled and he rolled on top of me. " you like this don't you" he asked I nodded and leaned up kissing him. " we can have sex but were not going to have it here its to risky for people seeing us." He said i looked at him with confusion. 

  " then were we going to have it " 

  " we can pull in behind the grocery store okay and I'll give you what you want and this will bemy Christmas present to you and it will also be my yours to me." He said I nodded and leaned up I thought to myself but I don't have any condoms. 

  " but we cant be safe cause I don't have any condoms." I said he nodded and I looked like he was thinking but then he remembered that it was logans care so he got off of me and went through the glove box and he found one and held it between his fingurs. I smiled and got back upin the front seat and so did JC. We pulled in behind the grocery store and I put my hand on jc's crotch and palmed it. He moaned and I giggled he put the visers back over the windows. I crawled onto the still laying down seats and JC followed. I pushed him down and straddled him. I leaned down and started to suck on his neck then I found his sweet spot and he moaned loudly I took of his shirt and started to suck all the way down to his waist band on his boxers. He grabbed me and started to take my pants off while turning me over to were I was underneath him. He got my pants off and I tugged at his he unbuckled his pants and kicked them off I palmed him and he moaned loudly I felt him harden underneath my hand I grind and tugged at his boxers. He pulled them down and opened the silver packet he had in his hands and put it on. I pulled down my panties and rolled on top of him he turned me over and started kissing me roughly. Then he pushed himself in I gasped against his lips and he smiled at me. As he was thrusting in and out I heard some voices that were aproching. I got dressed quick and got back in the front seat JC climbed back in the front seat dressed as he was. I fixed my hair and jumped back in the back and put the seats up. I got in the front seat again and I heard someone knock on my window I pulled up the viser and stuck it in the back and JC took the rest of them. I looked to see who it was and you would never believe who it was. I looked at JC and his eyes widened at the sight of them. I couldnt believe who was standing there Markus Butler and Casper Lee. I got out of the car and so did JC. I introduced myself to them and when they stuck there hands out to shake I hugged them. Jc took there hands I got a slight smell of sex and I wondered if they could smell it to. " you smell funny" said Caspar lee. I smiled and looked at JC not knowing what to say.  I laughed at the face he was making. " its OK you don't have to explain it we saw the car moving." Said markus. I was so imbarassed at that moment. I laughed and layed my head on JC's shoulder. I could feel my cheeks getting warm and rosy. It was cold out so I was starting to get cold and I shivered. JC saw it and started to take his jacket off I pushed it away and went to the car and grabbed mine. I came back and gave JC a warm hug and a kiss and started chating with them Markus and Caspar were funny. After we were through talking they started walking I elbowed JC to ask them if they wanted a ride and they said yes. 

  "I'm afraid your car smells worse then you do." Caspar said laughing. I took a big wift and I was true the car did smell like sex. I was so imbarrassed I looked back and kind of grinned. Casper made a funny face and started busting out laughing. Jc turned me around and smashed his lips into mine. It was a passionit kiss when he moved I bit his lip. Casper and Markus were making all sort of weird faces and noises. I turned in my seat and sat down and said " let's go." I looked at Markus and Casper and asked" where were you guys heading to?" 

  " we were going to the mall will you take us?" Markus asked while making eye contact with me. I nodded and we took off. 


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