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Livie a girl who goes see see her mom for the winterbreak and her birthday. What she didn't know is that she would be falling in love with her moms boyfriend's 'sons' fast and that she would would be meeting YouTube sensations Connor franta and JC caylen


4. Pains

    JC POV 

  Livie didn't look to good. I picked her up and took her to her room. I went and told everyone to go home. After everyone left all that was left was me, the rest of the guys, and her ex. I walked up to him and stuck out my hand and said " JC."

  " Sam" we shook hands and I walked back to Livie's room with some tylonal and water. She was still in her dress so I scooped her up and planted her on her feet. I went to her dresser and got a T-shirt and a pair of pink zebra print pajama pants and handed them to her. I stepped out of the room for a moment on till she was done changing. I waked back in and made her take the tylonal and called her mom to hurry that she wasn't feeling well. In a matter of 40 minutes she was there with Ben and his son Benjamin. I walked up to him and we hugged and fist bumped. Jody ( Livie mom) walked in and she coaght a glimps of her and ran inside. I waked back there and I heard Benjamin following me. I looked at her and saw her faceial expressions and ran to get a trash can. I handed her it and it seemed like as soon as I handed it to her she got sick. Her mom looked at me and nodded and looked back at her. When I went back into the living room and told everyone to go to the apartment and that I would be over there later. I walked back in and her mom had went into her room to get something. And no one but me and Benjamin were in there. I ran to her and pulled her hair back and rubbed her back. After about twenty minutes of her throwing her guts up she stopped and I laid her down and covered her up. She coughs and her breath smelt disgusting. I dug in my pockets for a mint or something and i found a life saver and handed it to her. She looked up at me and smiled and started to laugh. It pained me to see her like this.


   Livie POV

  I told JC to go home and he did whatI said he leaned down and gave me a kiss on the forehead. I moved and instead of him kissing my forehead he kissed my lips. I depend the kiss and he just sat there. I pushed on his chest and stopped. " sorry I didn't mean." I was interrupted by him leaning in and kissing me. I kissed back on till I heard someone messing with my door. I had, had lip stick on so he quickly wiped his lips. Sam walked in and I gave a weak smile and glansed at JC " you should go home." I said he looked at me and nodded. 

  " feel better soon." He said and walked out. I looked at Sam and he came and sat down on the edge of my bed. " hi" I said

  " how are you doing you feeling OK babe. " he said i frowned at the name babe. I knew that I had been called that a lot but the truth was I loved JC and someone would have to kill me before I would stop loveing him. When I kissed JC it seamed like I was with him in a another dimension just me and him. I felt a hand going up my legs and jumped and looked at Sam. My mum was calling me and I hadn't seen her in a hour or two. I answered it and she said that she was staying the night in a hotel with Ben for the night so if I wanted to I could go sleep in her bedroom. I thanked her and ended the call. Benjamine was still here. I got up and got really dizzy and fell down on the ground. Sam ran over to me and I guess I hit my head because when I put my hand on my forehead there was blood. I didn't feel to good I put my hand on my chin to stop my self from getting sick. I looked at Sam and he scooped me up and ran to the restroom. There I got sick and cleaned up the blood. I hadn't ate or drank anything in a long time. I got up and went to the kitchen. I grabbed the stuff to make a sand witch and got a glass of Dr. Pepper. I went back into my room and grabbed my phone charger and went into my mums room. Benjamine was sitting on the bed watching a Scarry movie. I pointed at him and then to the door. He made a frowny face and I pointed again. He left me and Sam crawled on the bed and he took my sand witch and drink away from me. He got on top of me and layed me down. " stop please sam ." All he done was look at me and grinned. He wasn't stopping so I kicked him in the balls and ran to find lil Ben. He was in the guest room do I ran in there and jumped on the bed with him and hid behind him. " benjamine Sam is trying to make me have sex with him." I yelled. He looked at me then at Sam comeing in the door way. He stood up and took Sam by the collar and slammed him against the door and said.

   " if you just so touch in a wrong way i will make sure you never see her or touch her again." He let go of him and he walked away with a smart grin on his face. He grabbed his coat and left in his car. I was dazed when I heard JC saying my name and shaking me. I snapped out of it when he kissed me on the forehead. I hugged him tightly and started to cry. He squeezed me and rubbed my back. Connor and everyone else walked in after words and I was in gulfed in a group hug. I went back in my ,ums room and grabbed everything and went to my room. I started eating andi looked to see what time it was. I called my half brother Jason to talk to him. Everyone walked in and looked at me. I told him I loved him and hung up. I got up and put in Marley and Me. We all sat in there and when it hit that moment when they had to put Marley to sleep I cried so hard. I snuggled into JC's chest and he whipped my tears. Ricky and Connor started crying to I leaned up and hugged them. It ended and I told them that thy could stay the night. I called my mum and told her goodnight and that I loved her. I turned on the lights and blinked a few times. I told them that I was going to bed. JC, Connor, and Ricky made a huge paper in the floor of my bed room. I let Kian, Austin sleep in my mum and bens room and the rest either slept in lil bens room or the living room. I felt relay tired and depressed after what has happened the east few days. This comeing Saturday I would have to go home and listen to the rash of Sam and my dad. I would miss the guys my mum and everyone here. I went and crawled in bed and was engulfed by some one. I looked to see who it was and it was JC I smiled and kissed him on the lips Ricky yelled " no PDA please." I looked at him through the darkness.

 " its my room I'll do what I want  to thank you very much." i turned and faced JC and kissed him harder and bit his lip, and he moaned. Ricky and Connor started laughing. I grinned. I stopped and laid my head down on JC's chest and drifted off to sleep. After about 4 hours of being asleep. I heard someone get up and sneek out my bedroom door. I got up and looked to see who it was. It was Ricky. I got up and followed him to his and everyone else's apartment. I opened the door and I guess I startled him because he jumped. " what are you doing here?" He asked I shrugged. 

  " why did you leave?"  i asked he took my hand and lead me to his room and puled out a camera. He sat it up on his tried-pod and gave me a hair brush. I bushed my hair and he turned the camera on. " hello everyone its Ricky here and this is my friend Livie. Tonight we will be doing the WTF is this chalange." 

 I looked at him and said "I never agreed to this Ricky." He looked at me and gave me a face.

  "I didn't tell you because I knew you would say no I will see you guys in a minute." He stopped the camera and grabbed it. He took my hand and grabbed the keys to the car. He took me to the car against my will and I put on my seat belt and we drove to the near by grocery store. He explained to me that I would find stuff to feed him and he would be blindfolded, and he would have to guess what it is. I nodded and went into the grocery store. I got mustard, fish, cat food, dog biscuets and a box of raw shrimp. I didn't even wanna know what he got me. I went to check out and payed for my items. I walked outside and was met by Ricky with a grin on his face. When we got home I guess he had filmed in the store he sat the camera back up and he went first I blindfolded him and opened the box of saw shrimp. " open wide he frowned and opened his mouth I let him take a little bite and he spit it out." 

  " shrimp?" He asked i nodded and laughed. 

  I chose the dog biscuit next I stuffed it in his mouth and laughed as he ate it. " not bad but is it a dog biscuit"

  " dang it Ricky your just to good" I went with the fish next I shoved one into his mouth. They smelt fowl to. I looked at his face and gave him the bowl we had to spit in. He spit it out.

  " what the fuck is this Livie a fish." I nodded.

  " yes"I luaghed and opened the cat food getting a spoon and giving it to Ricky. 

  " cat food" 

  " are you peeking" I ran my hand in front of his face. I took the mustard out and told him to lean his head back. I poured a little in his mouth. He scared me when he jumped for the bowl.

  " mustard all the way." He said he took the blind fold off and handed it to me. " its funny because I got her some good things." He said i smiled and tied the blindfold around my face. Let's just say for the rest of the game I would love 2 out of 5 things. It made my stomach hurt really bad I ran to the restroom and got sick. Thank lord the camera was off. I got back up and left after we were done. It made my stomach hurt really bad I went to the restroom and grabbed my tooth brush. I went and crawled back in bed with JC. Someone walked in with there cellphone and shown it in my eyes I winsed in pain and told them to go away and they did so.

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