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Livie a girl who goes see see her mom for the winterbreak and her birthday. What she didn't know is that she would be falling in love with her moms boyfriend's 'sons' fast and that she would would be meeting YouTube sensations Connor franta and JC caylen


6. its friday

   I woke up the next morning snuggled into JC. I slightly moved and he snapped awake. I was scared that Sam would try to get me again or tell my dad that I was a slut or something. I got up and removed JC's  arms from around me and I got up almost stepping on Connor and Ricky. I finally got through the maze and went to the kitchen and started making breakfast. I ran to the bathroom and grabbed my toothbrush and put some toothpaist on it. I went and made sure my eggs didn't burn I went back to the restroom and realized what week it was " fuckidy fuck fuck." " uggggghhh" I felt arms snake around me and it was JC's. " what are mad about I heard you in the hallway." I looked at him with a sly brow then he knew what I was talking about, he just kind of grinned and left " stur those eggs please JC." 

   "Ok" he said I went and got dressed and told JC to finish cooking and went to the store. I got everyone a candy bar and me my needs and some chips and junk food. I got back andwent to the rrestroom and done my bisuness. I walked out hiding the box underneath the cabbnet. I walked out and through the bag and candy infront of them. They were like vulturs over a during corps. I picked up the bag and took the last candy bar out and through the bag in the trash. I went into my room and played the candy bar on my dresser. I just stood there with my hands over my eyes for a minute. I felt some arms come aroundmy waist and squeez me I quickly hit there arms. It was JC I walked to my bed and moaned and ground loudly saying why girls god why girls. JC sat there and laughed at me. " its not funny try being all up tight for a week and not going anywhere to far from your purse it fucking sucks." My phone started singing one directions ' you know were you belong' I got a text. I looked at it, it was my dad chewing me out. I shut of my phone and laid down with my head on JC's leg. I got up and grabbed the candy bar and walked out ofthe room with JC's hand in mine. I uwent and saw a bunch of lazy looking bums on the couch I went and became one of those bums. I watched all the guys as they watched toddlers and tiaras after I through a fit to watch it. " I will never make my kid go through that its like torcher." I said looking at JC. 

  " me either. I dont care if someone thinks she's pretty or not." He said squeezing my arm and made eye contact with me. After it ended Gypse Sisters came on so I got up and walked down the hall to my room and laid down I didn't feel to good. After a moment I felt some eyes on me. After I went to twist my boxy around to see who they were I felt it come up. I ran to the restroom and got sick. I felt someone come and pick me up I let out a slight groan just let them take me anywhere. I felt my soft fuzzy blanket getting pulled over me. I looked at my phone and turned it on. I looked at my inbox and it seemed as if the whole world had text me. I scrolled through them and there wasn't much worth texting back for. I snuggled into my pillow and hugged my body pillow and groaned. Someone crawled in bed next to me I turned around and smelt the hair gel and realized it was Connor I opened my eyes and looked at him and leaned down and snuggled into his chest. I fell asleep and was awaken when he moved to let JC lay down with me. I loved JC ,but I had slept with Connor. I don't know why I had fallen in love knowing I would have to leave. When my mum got home she was pissed she glared at me with JC laying behind me in bed. I guess she had figured out what Sam was saying. I tapped on JC and he woke up flinching I hopped over him and walked to my mums room. Right as I was going to shut the door she slapped me and nocked me on my bum. " ohh so know I get it you care about me loosing my virginity more than him trying to force me to have sex with him I see." I got up and ran out the front door, I ran into the place only Connor will know were I'm at. I'm climbed up the ladder and went up and sobbed on the cold weak wooden boards. I heard someone comeing up and I managed through my sobs to say " go away." In a really horse voice. I saw Connor come up then Ricky, then JC. I curled up into a ball and cried quietly. Ricky up and gave me a kiss on the for head and said it would be alright. I sat up and felt the side of my cheek damn she slapped me really hard. I stung when I touched it. JC pulled me over to him and pulled me into his lap and started rocking me back and forth assuring me that it would be alright. I softend my crying and closed my eyes and got up and pulled them all up. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and dropped Ricky and his bum. I out my hands were it hurt. I figured it was just a period crap and went on helping Ricky. Only JC knew what was going on. I was crawling down the ladder and felt another one this time it was more like a ' I just got stabbed' pain this one bring me to the ground. I heard a thump behind me on the ground and some eyes on me then darkness. 



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